Saturday, August 11, 2012

Be Humble

The Bible teaches the value of being humble.  For example, Matthew 23:12b states: "Whoever humbles himself will be honored."  Luke 14:11 and Luke 18:14 also says the same thing. 

The Bible also states:

 Ephesians 4:2:" Be humble and gentle in every way."

Colossians 3:12: "As holy people whom God has chosen and loved, be...humble..."    

James 4:6b: "Scripture says: 'God opposes arrogant people, but he is kind to humble people".

James 4:10: "Humble yourselves in the Lord's presence.  Then he will give you a high position".

1 Peter 5:6: "Be humbled by God's power so when the right time comes he will honor you."

So if you want to live an honorable life for Christ, then you must start out being humble. The Bible is full of paradoxes such as Matthew 10:39: "The person who tries to preserve his life will lose it, but the person who loses his life for me will perserve it." 

If you humble yourself, then God will honor you!

However, if you don't humble yourself, what do you think will happen? 

Proverbs 16:18 states: "Pride precedes a disaster, and an arrogant attitude precedes a fall."

Proverbs 29:23: "A person's pride will humiliate him, but a humble spirit gains honor. "

So if you are prideful, then you will face disaster and humiliation.  Your pride will cause you to fall.
Why do you think these things are true?  Of course, the most obvious reason is that it is the Word of God and everything that God says is true.  Second, let's compare a humble person with a prideful person.

A humble person doesn't think too highly of him or herself.  Because of this attitude, he or she will be kind and loving to people.  A prideful person thinks he or she is better than other people.  Such a person is more than likely to be a bully and is more than likely to mistreat other people .

A humble person when faced with a problem or crisis is willing to ask for help from other people and most importantly from God.  However, a prideful person, thinks he or she can solve the problem without any help at all! so that person will refused to seek help from other people and from God.  More often than not, that person ends up falling on his or her face and ends up in a humiliating disaster.

A humble person realizes that he or she is saved by grace through faith that it isn't of works lest he or she should boast!  A humble person, henceforth, will confess and repent to Jesus and ask Him to save him or her. However, a prideful person won't repent and ask for forgiveness.  Instead he or she will try to earn his or her salvation by doing "good works".

So how can you be humble?  The best thing to do is to learn from the master--Jesus Christ.  Jesus came to serve and be a servant and not to be served.  He did so many things to show He was humble: healing the sick, feeding the hungry, loving the unloveable, and most importantly, dying on the cross and raising from the dead defeating death and giving us eternal life!

Did you know that Jesus washed His disciple's feet?  He did! John 13:4-5: "So he got up from the table, removed his outer clothes, took a towel, and tied it around his waist. Then he poured water into a basin and began to wash the disciples' feet and dry them with the towel he had tied around his waist." 

Why did He do this? John 13:12-17: "After Jesus had washed their feet and put on his outer clothes, he took his place at the table again.  Then he asked his disciples, 'Do you understand what I've done for you?  You call me teacher and Lord, and you're right because that's what I am.  So if I, your Lord and teacher, have washed your feet, you must wash each other's feet.  I've given you an example that you should follow. I can guarantee this truth: Slaves are not superior to their owners, and messengers are not superior to the people who send them. If you understand all of this, you are blessed whenever you follow my example."

Jesus washed the disciples feet as an example for them to follow. If they (and if we) follow Jesus' example, we will be blessed.  Blessings come to the humble but not to the proud.

What a great way to practice being humble! Have you ever washed anyone's feet?  If not, why don't you try it sometime this week?  Pick a family member and or a friend to do it.  I have done it before at my old church---Independent Church of God.  We did it a couple of times before Easter. And it is a humbling experience!

In closing, if you want to live an honorable life for God full of His blessngs, then you must be humble!  Following the example of Jesus is the best way to learn to be humble!  Not only will you be humble by following Jesus' example but you will also be blessed!  However, if you choose the opposite way which is being prideful---then that way will lead to a humiliating, disastrous fall!

Questions to ponder:

In what ways have you been humble?

In what ways have you been prideful?

What were the results of each?

In what ways can you be more humble?


  1. It is very important to be humble! I think that's the first step to almost anything. When I first decided to give Jesus Christ a try in my life, I had to let go of everything and just trust in him. I also had to accept that I don't have all of the answers and that I needed guidance. It's similar to those getting alcohol counseling. Some people believe that nothing can help them. They need to humble themselves and admit that they are vulnerable and need help!

    During our bible studies, I have noticed that the ones who are more insecure and unsure tend to learn a lot more than those who think they know it all. They do the same exact things but the results are so different! The insecure people find growth, while the arrogant ones act as if any information given to them is useless.

  2. Oh, and a random note lol Did you get my dad's email about your email possibly being hacked? Your email address was sending a link to a certain website and my dad emailed you to let you know and seconds after he sent you the email, an automated email from your address was sent! Maybe that has to do with the missing emails that you couldn't find from us? I also wasn't sure if you were getting the ones we went this week!

  3. I remember in an email I sent you awhile ago I said that I had "pride issues" haha. Maybe I used the wrong word? I always say that I'm full of pride because I get ashamed when I'm not the one that is able to help others and I feel embarrassed when people have to help me. Just like now...haha. My kids are paying for a lot of stuff :( But I know that pride is one of the seven deadly sins. That pride is more like arrogance like you mentioned.

    I rarely think highly of myself. I always feel as if there is room for me to improve and if there is a way for me to do it, then I'm so open to it! I really do need to work on allowing others to help me. I tend to be stubborn that way ;) I feel so guilty when I ask for prayer. I feel as if there are other things in the world to be praying for and that my issue is just silly lol. But I love to pray for others no matter what their purpose is.

    I feel bad for anyone who has to wash my feet. corn city! jk hahaha. I am grateful that Jesus has set such a good example to all of us. I learned that being a Christian is much more than praying and going to church. It's a way of living! Of course it isn't easy, but when you are faced with different situations, it's good to know that you can show hateful people Jesus' love by the way you reflect in him.