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Poetry Book Update May 31, 2012

Hey guys!

Hope everyone is doing okay! Just wanted to forward some great news I received earlier today! 

Publish America has agreed to publish my first book of most Christian and some secular poetry entitled Popcorn: Poems You Can Munch On.   I have read the sample contract and am waiting to receive the permanent contract!  Please pray that this whole process goes smoothly!  Also, I don't know much about promoting my book, so please pray that God will give me wisdom in that area and that He will surround me with people that can give me counsel in that area as well! 

Please join me in praising Jesus for this opportunity!  This has been a dream of mine since I was a teenager over 20 years ago! 

Please pray that God will use this book to minister to as many people as possible! 

May the blessings of Jesus be with you!!!!

In Christ,


Clay Crosse "The Clay Crosse Collection"

Courtesy: Amazon
Before Clay's life changing year (1998), Clay put out a few CCM albums including: My Place Is With You (1994), Time To Believe (1995), and Stained Glass (1997). This 1998 collection chronicles the best hits from each album, and it also includes 2 new songs.  Clay Crosse has a unique Memphis-influenced voice that is enjoyable to listen to! 

Some of the highlights on the cd:

1. I Will Follow Christ- One of the new songs.  It is sung from the 12 disciples point of view about their devotion and at the end our devotion to follow Christ.

2. When In Rome-  One of the other new songs.  I love this song!  It's about standing up for what you believe in even though everyone is against you!

3. I Surrender All- This song is about surrendering everything to Jesus!  It's a very beautiful and moving song!

4. His Love Is Strong- This is a very upbeat encouraging song about Jesus' love being strong enough to win the fight!

5. Time To Believe- A song that encourages people despite what's going on around them that "people it's time to believe".

You can buy this cd and mp3s at really affordable prices at Amazon.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Michael W. Smith "Live The Life"

Courtesy: Amazon

Released in the spring of 1998, this is by far one of Michael's best cd!!!  It is very pop-oriented and fun to listen to!  Some of the themes Michael sings about are: never being unloved, the craziness of life and the need to be loved good, God knowing our name, etc...He even wrote a song for the Titanic soundtrack that didn't get accepted but made it on here called "In My Arms Again".

Here are the highlights of the album:

1. Love Me Good: A song about the craziness of everyday life and the uncertainty of it all! One of the most unique and perhaps strangest lyrics written by Michael's co-writer Wayne Kirkpatrick : "But I could never live in a yurt/on a diet of mongolian barbeque/I conquer the world for a moment, then the moment is gone" (Maxi Lyrics).

2. Live The Life: A great song about living the life for Christ by our actions not just by words. "For the world to know the truth/There can be no greater proof/Than to live the life, live the life/There's no love that's quite as pure/There's no pain we can't endure/If we live the life, live the life/Be a light for all to see/For every act of love will set you free" (Maxi Lyrics).

You can buy this cd at Amazon

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Clay Crosse "A Different Man"

Courtesy: Amazon

In 1998, while on a plane ride, God showed Clay Crosse how far away Clay had travelled from God.  Clay had hid from the world but not from God his addiction to pornography.  On that plane, Clay suddenly felt how much of a fake he was to God. This spurred a process of repentance and turning his life around. His journey through that process comes out in this album called "A Different Man".  Three of the 10 songs that are on here is about his journey back to God and about his repentance. This is a really good cd!  however, if you don't want to download or buy the whole cd, atleast, download the following songs:

1. Arms of Jesus- Talks about how when we fall in our journey, we fall into the arms of Jesus. I like the phrase: "Let me fall/Into the arms of Jesus/Let me come into His kingdom/and kneel at His cross/When I stand beneath His mercy/I will give up my all/Let me fall into the arms of Jesus". Lyrics Courtesy of: Maxi Lyrics

2. 98
- Clay's testimony about his life changing year in 1998.  Very good song! Here's a sample: "Come on and gather round/And listen to my story/About a fall from grace/A change of heart/A rise to glory/A lesson learned/A doorway I went thru" (Maxi Lyrics).

3. Sinner's Prayer- This is THE song to play to someone who is lost if you want to lead them to Christ or if you want to tell them how to get saved.  It is so good!!! ( Click here for the lyrics: Sinner's Prayer )

You can get a used copy of this cd or purchase the songs singly via mp3 at: Amazon

The Ultimate Gift--DVD

Courtesy: Christian Cinema

Character Jason's Grandfather who he can't stand dies.  At the will, he expects to simply receive some cash but instead Jason's Grandfather sends Jason on 12 required task (or "gifts as they are called) to answer the question "What is relationship between wealth and happiness?" In the midst of this journey, he befriends a little girl and her mother.

It is one of the more touching movies I have seen.  At the end of the movie, it made me wish that my Grandfather had done similar for me.

You need to buy or rent this movie!  You can buy it cheaply at: Amazon.

Eternal Security

Courtesy: Christian Book

Besides Max Lucado's In The Grip of Grace, this book is by far one of the best books written about eternal security (once saved always saved).  Mr. Stanley gives us the meat and the potatoes about what it means to be saved, what it means to be adopted by Christ, what happens to disobedient believers, and he even explains the concept of the "unpardonable sin". 

I have read it and enjoyed it immensely!  I think I may end up reading it again!  Go and buy it or check it out at the library!  You can buy it very cheaply at: Amazon

Monday, May 28, 2012

FFH "Voice From Home"

Courtesy: Amazon
I've said this before, but I just love albums that is full of God's grace and love! Imagine if God created an album as a love letter to you---- this would be it!  This album is saturated with the love and Spirit of God!  You could play this album as a soundtrack to either Max Lucado's or Charles Stanley's books on eternal security. 

The highlights of this album are:

1. The Only Hand You Need- It talks about how God's hand is the only hand we need.  And how we originally let go of His hand and broke the fellowship with Him.

2. Great Big Problem - This song talks about how even when we turn away from God, He won't let us go.  He is there patiently waiting for us to come back.

3. Well Pleased-  It talks about He is well pleased with us because we are His children!

This is a cd you simply have to have in your collection!  It's a great cd to listen to when you are feeling down or harsh on yourself and/or on bad days when you are feeling stressed!  It's a great cd to listen to while laying down in your bed with your eyes closed in the dark.

So go and buy this cd at: Amazon and be blessed!!!!


Courtesy: Christian Cinema

This is one of the best thrillers I have seen!  Here is a summary as stated on the Christian Cimema website:
"Thr3e is a riveting psychological thriller about a young seminary student, Kevin Parson (Marc Blucas) who joins forces with a criminal psychologist, Jennifer Peters (Justine Waddell) to thwart the activities of a psychopathic killer. Together they must unravel the killer’s riddles and catch him before he strikes again. But the closer they get, the more twisted the path becomes.
Based on the award-winning novel by Christian author Ted Dekker, (House) and directed by Robby Henson, Thr3e enters a world where nothing is what it seems."

This is the only movie I know of that follows the book by the letter!  The only thing different is that the movie adds one extra scene that the book doesn't have.  But the extra scene is written by Ted Dekker the author of the book!

This movie will leave you in suspense until is conclusion.  You can buy it very cheaply at: Amazon.  If you have Netflix, feel free to search for it there.   God bless!

In The Grip of Grace

Courtesy: Amazon

Has there ever been times since becoming a Christian where you messed up badly or made a major mistake?  During those times, have you ever beaten yourself up about it or thought you lost your salvation?  If the answer to any or all of these questions are "yes", this book is for you.  Max Lucado has painted a beautiful picture of God's grace in this book In The Grip of Grace.  Max goes over how we created the need for a Savior, how God sent the solution and how that solution makes a difference in our lives.

I have read this book atleast 3 times now.  It is very well written!  It serves as a good reminder that no matter how he mess up or how many times we make mistakes, God will always love us and will never let go of us.  We can never escape the grip of His grace! 

Go buy this book or at the very least, check it out at the library!  The book is very affordable if you purchase a used copy at: Amazon
. It also comes in Kindle edition for those of you who has The Kindle from amazon. 


As Promised in the last blog, here is another poem from my book I just submitted to be published .  Enjoy! 
by: Jerry S.
(c)2012 Jerry S.

I love to wake up on the mountain top
And breathe in that crisp fresh mountain air
Basking in the warmth of the bright sunshine
While breathing out a prayer

From a faraway distance
I see a dark cloud beginning to near
And suddenly without warning
My heart becomes paralyzed with fear

Wash me in Your grace again
Please protect me from the pain
But even if I go thru it
I know it will be for my gain
Because a soul can never grow
Without some time in the rain

I don’t know if I can handle this
With the lightning aimed right for my soul
But little-by-little
Your peace begins to speak to me
As the thunder begins to roll

As the wind starts to blow around me
And the rain begins to hit my face
Your grace like a warm blanket surrounds me
And it gives me the strength
To stand tall in this place

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Poetry Book Update/Copyright Basics May 27, 2012

Hey Poetry Peeps! :)

I have some good news!  After church today (Sunday), I submitted my book of poetry via e-mail to Publish America!  According to their website, I should hear back from them from anywhere from a few days to a few weeks!  So the wait the begins!  How exciting!

Plus, my poetry is officially copyrighted!  I submitted it to U.S. Copyright Office.  Did you know that it only cost $35 to submit your work to be copyrighted via online submission?  This is really affordable considering that if you mail in the application form and your literary work by snail mail, the processing fee is $65.  So you save $30 by submitting it online! 

The website does say that once you create your work it automatically has copyright protection.  But I don't necessarily agree with that statement.  Because the website  states that if someone steals your work and you want to sue that person to comp the money you lost from that person stealing your work then your work has to be officially registered with the Copyright Office.
Here's some helpful links if you want information about Copyrighting.  Just click on the link!

Copyright Basics

Copyright Law

How To Register Your Work

God willing, soon, I will share with you a little bit more of a sampling of my poetry from my book!

Until then, God bless you!  And have a great night!


New Blog---For Guys Only

Just wanted to let you know that I have created a new blog called For Guys Only.  As the title suggests this blog is for "guys only"---no females allowed.  This blog is a safe place for guys to read about information that is important from fun and helpful topics to topics that are a little awkward to discuss.  Feel free to ask questions on this blog and be honest about how you feel. I promise no judgment nor no condemnation.  If you have any ideas about how to make the blog better or any questions or topic ideas, feel free to e-mail me (Jerry) at: . Oh, you can click the underline "For Guys Only" link on top to get to the website.

My LIfe and Poetry Book Update! May 26th, 2012 edition


I hope this Saturday night finds you tremedously happy and in the best of health! I received some sad news that my best bud Jon is in the hospital.  Please keep him in your prayers that God will provide a miraculous healing for Jon either through God speaking the word and/or giving the doctors the wisdom for treating Jon!  Thanks!

I have great news!  I am pretty much done with typing up my manuscript for my book of poetry.  The next step for me is to type up an "About The Author" section and then I can submit it to the publishing company for consideration!  I am very excited!   It has took me 2 1/2 years to write this book.  Writing this book has been such a rewarding experience! It has really improved my relationship with God.  I feel the closest to God when I write!   Out of the 91 or so poems I have written for this project, 78 of them has made the final cut. Unless God gives me more poems to write between now and Sunday afternoon, the poem count should stay at 78. 

This weekend, my wife and my sons with my in-laws decided to go to my in-laws cabin.  I had to stay home since I have to work on the weekends.  I hope they are having a wonderful and a relaxing time!  It's a little strange having the whole house to myself for more than a couple of hours. But I also enjoy having some time to myself.  Last weekend, my oldest son went camping with his Grandfather and my son's church group---Royal Rangers.  He had to come home a day early due to some storms.  And speaking of storms, we have been getting a ALOT of rain lately! This week, my oldest son and I had to go to the library 3 times this week so he can have something to do before he goes to school.  The outside has been too wet to go to the park.  Normally, my oldest son (who's 6) and I will go to the library to use their computers once a week. Then the rest of hte time, we will either go to the nature center or to the park.  But it has been too wet to do either one! 

My youngest son turned 4 years old this past Tuesday. The day before (on Monday) we went to Chuck E Cheese to help celebrate his birthday with is Grandparents.  It was a lot of fun playing games with my 2 boys.  The next day, on my youngest actual 4th birthday, we had a pull apart cupcake cake that we celebrated with.  (these were left overs from the day before). And he opened up his presents which he was delighted to receive.

Well, I hope everyone is having a great week!  Remember to pray for Jon!

  Jon, I hope you get better soon!  Zach, please keep me posted on your Dad's condition!

If you have prayer requests, feel free to leave it in the comment section or to e-mail it to me at

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Prayer Request

Please pray for my best buddy Jon.  He is currently in the hospital sick with appendicitus (sp?).  Please pray that God will bring a miraculous healing to his body via God speaking the word or by giving the doctors wisdom to treat Jon! Thanks!

Friday, May 25, 2012


Hey guys!  I just read an awesome Christian article on "Suicide" off of by a guy named Ron Graham.  It's a long article but very important to read if you have friends and family who struggle with suicidal thoughts, depression, etc... Here is the link:


topics to cover???

Just curious...

What topics that I have not covered do you want me to cover?  Please let me know....I would be happy to cover it with God's help for you!

is there any topic that you feel uncomfortable bringing up?  Are you afraid that you may be made fun of or caused to feel embarrassed about?  Feel free to email me at: . I promise whatever you tell me will be 100 percent confidential!  And I promise that there will be NO JUDGMENT AND NO CONDEMNATION no matter what the topic is! 

Remember God loves you!  And I do too!

Your bro in Christ,


FFH "Ready To Fly"

Courtesy: Amazon

Ready To Fly was released in 2003. This album is by far one of the best FFH albums ever! The cd is a mix of worship and modern Contemporary Christian music.  Listening to this cd always puts me in a good and worshipful mood!

Some of the highlights are:

  • You Found Me- This song talks about the joys of being found in and by Jesus!
  • Good To Be Free -  This song rejoices in the freedom that is provided by Christ.  I love the lines that say: "Things of this world are overdone/Things like theology and philosophy-oh yeah/Through Jesus I know I've overcome/My insecurities and insincerity/Now You've placed in me/A hope for things I cannot see, now" (from: ELyrics).
  • It's A Good Day- This song is one of my absolute favorites on this album.  It talk about even if things aren't going our way, as long as, Jesus is our Lord and we are saved then "it's a good day".
  • Never Gonna Be Alone- This song rejoices in the fact that we will never be alone since Jesus is around!  Love it!
    Do yourself a favor and buy this cd!  You can get it extremely cheap (as a used cd) at: Amazon    

Christy--DVD Recommendation

Courtesy: Christian Cinema

This dvd series which originally appeared on CBS from April 1994 to August 1995 was based on a book by the same name by author Catherine Marshall (Wikipedia).  Christy (played by Kellie Martin) leaves her home to serve in a mission in the Appalachian village called Cutter Gap in Tennessee as a school teacher.  She faces several challenges as the new teacher in Cutter Gap. She has to get used to the mountain people's way of living.  She has to find a way to win the people's trust.  She has students and parents that are against her teaching at the school.  But she doesn't have to do all these things alone.  She has her faith in God to lean on.  She also has a lady named Alice Henderson (played by Tyne Daly) as her mentor.  

It is a GREAT tv show for all ages!  It has to be one of my all time favorites!   There was a time when I wanted to be a school teacher.  This show really ministered to me and spoke to me as a born-again Christian and a then teacher-wannabe!   I think it would be great to go serve as a teacher in the mission field, especially in the mountain community! 

If you are looking for a tv show that is entertaining for both adults and kids, this is it!  You can purchase it for a reasonable price at: Amazon.


My Testimony---Salvation

One of my readers asked me if I could post my testimony on my blog. I am more than happy to post my testimony!   Thanks for asking!  I hope my testimony serves as a blessing for each and everyone of you!  God bless you all!

My Testimony---Salvation

There are so many things I can testify about.  There are so many stories I can tell about how many ways God has blessed me.  But for this particular blog entry I will tell you how I got saved.  Future entries will have other areas on how God has worked in my life.

As a child, I wasn't really raised in church.  I remember when I was 5 years old when I did go to Sunday School a few times at the local Baptist church in town. Besides that, we would pretty much go to church only when they offered holiday meals or pot lucks.

On October 1986, when I was 9 years old, I  (and my sister) went to live with my Aunt Amelia and Uncle Dutch in Saraland, AL.  My Mother had gotten really depressed over my Dad's death (that occured in 1981 when I was 4 years old) and wasn't able to take care of us.   So we went to live with them.  However, after one month, my sister decided to go back and live with Mom, but I remained with Aunt Amelia and Uncle Dutch. 

During this time (October 1986 to July 1987), for the first time,  I started going to church on a regular basis. Aunt Amelia, Uncle Dutch, 2 of their 3 daughters (the other daughter had already moved out), and I went to a Baptist church called Bayou Sara Baptist Church. We attended Sunday mornings, Sunday nights and Wednesday nights.  Sunday mornings were made up of sunday school and church service.  Sunday nights were made up of church training and church service.  Wednesdays was made up of RA's (Rangers In Action) and Children's Choir.  The adults did choir practice.

I really enjoyed the whole church experience! It was during church training that I learned to memorize my very first Bible verse: John 3:16 .  RA's was a lot of fun!  RA's was a class for boys my age.  The two things I remember most about is going to McDonalds to get ice cream and going on a fishing trip.  Children's Choir of course was fun!

Finally, sometime in June 1987, Bayou Sara Baptist Church was host for a Revival.  That was also an enjoyable experience! We went to church services every day of the week.  I remember during one of those days I was in the fellowship hall with some other kids led by our teacher named Sue. Toward the end of the class, she led us all into the "sinners prayer of faith".  At the end of the prayer, she said that if you prayed the prayer and meant it, then you need to go sign up to be baptized.  Since I had prayed that prayer and meant it, that evening during church, I went upfront and signed up to be baptized!

During that week, my cousins Bridgette and Tammy helped me practice being baptized. It was so nice of them that they would take the time with me to practice!  So at the end of the week, I got baptized!  Wow! What an experience!  It's like a photograph stamped into my mind!   I remember coming out of that water and feeling a "clean" that I had never experienced before.  Looking back, it was like a "deep down soul clean".  No amount of bathing and no amount of soap could ever leave me feeling this clean!

This June 2012 will make 25 years since I became a believer-in-Christ! Time sure does fly by!  Life sure has been an adventure with Christ is my life!   He's been my protector, provider, healer, comforter, etc..etc..etc...I would quite literally be dead without Christ in my life!  I can't wait until I get to testify how Christ has worked in other areas of my life!  Until then...God bless you!  I pray this testimony has been a blessing to  you!

Now it's your turn...

What is your testimony?  You can either post it under the comments section.  Or you can post it on your blog if you have one.  Or you can even e-mail me your testimony at: .   I look forward to hearing of and to reading your testimonies!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012


Well, as I promised here is a poem from my upcoming book.  Hope you enjoy it, and it ministers to you!  God bless you! 


written by:  Jerry S.
(c) 2012 Jerry S.

Hello sad eyes
Full of tears
Struggling with a heart full of sorrow
And a head full of fear

Since the day she died
It’s like you became frozen in time
Not living life anymore
You’re beginning to stink of your own slime

So strip off those dirty rags
And step into love’s shower
And be cleansed from all your fear
Don’t you dare give up
Start living in My power
For I still have a lot for you to do

Yes, what happened was tragic
Yes, it was quite a shame
But my child, you are not to blame
Don’t you know that she is at peace
And she’s resting in the palm of My hand?
It's time for you to dust yourself off and stand

Freedom In Christ (Bible Study Recommendation)

A few months ago, my wife and I took a class at church called "Beta".  (It's the 2nd step in the process of us becoming members.)  This class was about finding your freedom in Christ.  The above pictured book was the book we worked out of.  To be such a small book, it was (and is) chock full of helpful information that every Christian should have assess to.

"Christianity is a lifelong endeavor. The act of becoming more like Christ is not simple. The Freedom in Christ discipleship program communicates to new and mature Christians alike the essential truths of the Christian faith. What are the next steps after we have taken that first step of giving ourselves wholly to God? Understanding these truths will help believers—from new converts to those whose walk may have become stagnant—to resolve personal and spiritual conflicts through genuine repentance and learn to experience freedom in Christ."

This book is divided into 13 sessions.  Some of the topics covered are: "A New Identity In Christ", "Living By The Spirit", "Renewing The Mind", etc... There's also a "bonus session" called: "The Steps To Freedom In Christ".  My wife and I attended (and did) the bonus session  during "Freedom IN Christ Saturday" at our church.  It was a 4 hour session where we complete each step of evaluation of our past and repentance!  It was totally awesome!  Just getting the bonus session is worth the price of the book!  You can get the book and read samples from: and purchase from Christian

Tips For Writing Poetry Part 3

Here is Part 3...

StanzasThere are many ways you can set up a poem.  You have to pick the one that best suits your purposes.  It can be fun to think about how you will structure your poems.  Poems are made up of stanzas---the poetry equivalent of prose's paragraphs.  The size of the stanza is up to you.  Some stanzas will have four lines..  Some five or some six. Some can be fewer than four lines. Others can be more than six.  Again, it's all about what purpose you have for the poem. 

Once you decide how many lines per stanza your poem will have, you can now decide if the poem will be free verse (non-rhyming ) or if it will be rhyming.  If it will rhyming, you can determine which lines will rhyme.  If you have 4 lines in a stanza, you can either have the first and third lines rhyme only, or have the second and fourth lines rhyme only, or you can even combine both have the first and third lines rhyme AND the second and fourth lines rhyme.  There is really no limit on how you can rhyme the lines.  You can even consider having the first and fourth lines rhyme and the second and third lines rhyme as well.  Experiment...and see what works for you. 
TitlesSometimes titles can be easy to come up with.  Sometimes not so much!  So how does one come up with a title for his or her poem?  First, read the poem and think about what the poem is saying.  Is there a single word or phrase that would sum up what the poem is about?  Second, do some brainstorming---write down possible title ideas.  If you want, let some of your friends and family members read your poem and ask them for their ideas of possible titles for your poem.  Look at the poem as a baby you have given birth to or as something you have built, and it is up to you to name it. 


So after reading all this material, you have decided that you want to write poetry!  Congrats!  So what should you write your poetry on?  There are a number of ways you can go with that!  First, if you want to do it the thrifty way,then go shop the back-to-school sales when they occur.  Target usually will sale packs of 10 wireless notebooks for very cheap!  So buy those and you will have plenty of notebooks you can write your poetry in. You even start a journal with one of those notebooks!

Second, if you want something a little bit more high quality, you can go purchase a journal.  You can find journals at a variety of places!  One place I have gone to go buy a journal at is at my local Christian bookstore.  Most Christian bookstores will have a section for stationary and the like. One online source for Christian journals is: Christian  They have a wide selection of journals at cheap prices.  You can also find a variety of regular journals at

I originally purchased my journal at my Christian bookstore several years ago for the original purpose of making it a prayer journal to God.  I wrote out two prayers in there which were over a year apart. After the 2nd prayer I wrote in there, I realize I much rather talk to God than write to God my prayers.  So after praying to God,  I decided that I wanted to use the journal as my poetry journal.  My goal was when it got filled up, I would try to publish it as a book.  In December 2009, I prayed to God that He would let me write poetry again. So on Dec. 28, 2009, I started writing my first poem  (Before then, last time I wrote a poem was YEARS ago).  Once I transfer the recent poems I have written to the journal, then it will be filled and perhaps then some....

Do you have any questions?  If so, feel free to leave it in the comment box below!

Tips For Writing Poetry Part 2

Here is part 2 of "Tips For Writing Poetry".

Feast and Famine

When writing poetry, don't be surprised to find that you have times of "feast" and of "famine".   

During feast, you will find that writing poems comes as natural to you as breathing in oxygen!  The ideas just keeps on coming!  Take advantage of this time!!!  Write down anything and everything that comes to you at first.  Don't over think it!  After you write it down, you will have time to go over it again and really think long and hard about if what you are writing down makes sense, says what you want it to say, flows together smoothly, has rhythm and rhyme, etc....

During famine, or as I call "writer's block", you will not be able to write anything down to save your lfe!  It doesn't matter how hard you try, nothing comes to mind!  Don't feel bad nor stress over this when it happens!  This is completely normal. There have been times in my life where I have gone months without writing a single word and then all of a sudden the ideas start coming again!  One thing to keep in mind is that you CANNOT force a poem to come out of you, if it isn't ready to come out.   Remember, whenever God wants you to write a poem, He will give you all the words and ideas that you need. 

Causes/Cures For Famine 

So if you are not coming up with anything, it could mean that God wants you to go do something else---like read a book, listen to music, visit a family member, take a walk, etc.... Just go do something that you enjoy doing.  Sometimes if you go and relax a little, you will find that the ideas will start coming again!  Usually an idea will come when you least expect it to.

 Or it could also mean that you haven't been plugging into God lately.  Recently, I was having some writer's block and after a few days, God caused me to realize that I had not been spending with Him in His word lately.  So that Sunday afternoon,  I took the time to listen to a great worship song by Margaret Becker called "Say The Name" (the song I described in an earlier blog).  And that evening, while at work, God inspired me again to write more poetry. 

One thing you can do when you start experiencing famine is you an perform a "brainstorming session".  Get a few sheets of paper and start writing down different topics you can write poems about.  You can even brainstorm different titles that you can make great poems out of.  I have often come up with a title first and then I would write the poem.

Keep in mind, it isn't uncommon that a poem takes days or longer to write. You may write down four lines one day, two the next, or you may go back to it after months away from it, and complete the poem then.  In my journal, I have had several poems that I partially started then after months sometimes a year, go back to it and finish it!  So don't sweat it if you only write part of it at first.  The rest will come at God's perfect timing.

Part 3 is coming next....

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tips For Writing Poetry Part 1

One of my friends asked if I would do a blog on writing poetry.  So here is Part 1!  DISCLAIMER: I don't consider myself an expert on writing poetry. But I do enjoy writing poetry, especially poetry that has a Christian message to it. (I've been writing poetry since I was a teenager  I stopped for a while and then started again on Dec. 28, 2009.)  It  brings me great joy when people are blessed by my poems! 

So here are some information regarding writing poetry:

Christian poetry ultimately comes from God! I have found that whenever God wants me to write a poem, He will give me the words.  If He doesn't, then he doesn't give me the words.  It really is simple as that!  So if you are struggling to write a poem, ask God to inspire you and He will in His perfect timing!

God can use any form and any method to inspire you to write a poem.  You may receive an idea for a poem while doing dishes, reading a book/magazine/blog/the Bible, while listening to music, while interacting with friends/family/strangers, while showering, and even yes, while using the bathroom!  God is not limited on where/how/when He will give you an idea for a poem.  So be open minded!

Types of Poems

According to an article by Gary Hess, there are 55 types of poems.  For sake of time, I will only go over two types covered in the article.  The two, in my opinion, major types of poems are "rhyming" and "free verse". 

A rhyming poem "has the repetition of the same or similar sounds of two or more rhyming words, often at the end of the line." These days, you can find this type of poem most prominently featured in songs on albums.  I personally enjoy reading and writing this type of poem, because it is very reader friendly.  I loves poems that rhyme and have a rhythm to it!  Rhyming poems are more song-friendly than free verse.

A free verse poem is a poem written "in either rhyme or unrhymed lines that have no set fixed metrical pattern."  I have found that most magazines such as
Poetry Magazine features poems in "free verse".  The majority of free verse poems have no rhythm nor rhyme to them.  In my opinion, this is one of the most boring type of poems to write.  I never enjoy "reading" a poem that is free-verse.  If you are going to write free-verse type poem, you may as well write it in prose and in the form of an essay or even a journal entry. The mind-set in reading a poem and the mind-set in reading prose or a journal entry are different.  There are different expectations the reader has in reading each type of literature.

But if you want to be published in magazines such as "Poetry Magazine" then you may well benefit by writing free-verse.  But if you are going to publish your own poems online or in book form, you may find that your readers will enjoy it a lot more if your poems has rhythm and rhyme to it! 

Watch for part 2 tonight or Monday!  God bless!!!!

Blog Recommendation

One of my new friends I have made, named Zach, has a great blog out there called: Room 4 Growth.  He posts  high quality Bible studies and essays that are full of the wisdom of God!  Zach exhibits a Godly wisdom that way surpasses his age of being in his early 20s!  It's great to see a great man of God like him who is so on fire for God!  He definitely has what it takes to become a pastor (if that is what God has planned for him)! He along with his sisters Jackie and Ellie host Bible studies for tweens and teens! Please check out his blog by clicking on the underlined link above for "Room 4 Growth".

My best buddy (Zach's Dad) named Jon has a blog out called:  Clumsy Mr. Mom.  Jon makes some great and refreshing observations about real life!  It  is quite fun reading his blogs!  Do yourself a favor and check it out!!!!

Thanks to Jon and Zach for being such great and fun friends! May God bless you both and your siblings and other family members and friends exceedingly! 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Somewhere Down The Road


 Life is a journey.  During the journey, we take different roads, make mistakes, and learn some valuable lessons...sometimes the hard way.  This album is a picture of Amy Grant looking back on her life's journey so far.  Put out on March  26, 2010, this album is made up of six new songs, two previously unreleased concert favorites ("What Is The Chance of That"/"Come Into My World"), one remake ("Arms of Love"), and three previously released songs ("Every Road", "Somewhere Down The Road", and "Imagine/Sing The Wondrous Love of Jesus").

During the making of the album, I was at first offended that after 7 years of waiting for a new pop cd from Amy that she would include 3 previously released songs. However, the more I have listened to the album, the more those songs seem to fit with the theme of life's journey.  Listening to the cd now is a pure joy to me!

My favorite songs on here that are the highlights of the album are:

  • "Better Than A Hallelujah"- One of the new songs to appear on the album is a very beautiful picture of how God values our honesty in prayer over rituals. Part of the lyric says: "We pour out our miseries/God just hears a melody/Beautiful, the mess we are/the honest cries of breaking hearts/are better than a hallelujah" (Metro Lyrics ).
  •   "What Is The Chance of That"- This is such a great "tongue-in-cheek" type song! It's one of the songs she recorded for her cd Behind The Eyes (1997) that didn't make it on the album.  I can totally relate when Amy sings: "Why do I feel restless inside?/Maybe I'm part of a wandering tribe/I want to check my family tree/I think there's a little nomad in me/What is the chance of that?/What is the chance of that?" (Metro Lyrics )
  • "Find What You're Looking For"- This brand new song is one of the most heartfelt on the album.  It's so easy to find fault in other people to make us feel better.  Instead of condemning other people, we should look at own lives.  If we do, we may end up finding that we too have the same faults that other people have. Do any of us really have the right to condemn anyone else in the light of God's love?  I love the verses that says: "What would they find if they uncovered all of my tracks/Of roads I'd snuck down and darkness and never turn back/Well they'd find what they're looking for/Secrets and so much more.../What would I find if I turned back the time on your face/Could I piece together the memories that have made you this way/I might find what I'm looking for/Understanding and so much more" (Metro Lyrics )
  • "Every Road"- This song originally appeared on Behind The Eyes (1997).  It's great to know no matter what road we take (as Christians) even if they are a misstep, the road will end winding its way back to God!  Remember, the  Bible says that God will not allow any that Jesus has found to be lost.
Thoughts To Ponder: What has your life journey been like?  If you were to write a similar album as Amy Grant's what would it sound like?  What would it look like? How do you feel about your journey so far?  When you look at the future, how do you see your journey taking shape?  What do you want to do better?

You can find the cd to purchase at:

Friday, May 18, 2012

Jason Gray Talks About His Speech Impediment

Please check out this You Tube Video that only last 1 minute of Jason Gray talking about his stuttering problem.   Very cool video! :

Jason Gray Speech Impediment

My LIfe and Poetry Book Update! May 18th 2012 edition

Hey guys and gals!

What's up?  Hope you are all enjoying the nice warm spring weather!  I sure am!  I have been taking my sons to the park any chance I get!  Every Wednesday I have a "Daddy Day" with my youngest son.   My oldest son hangs out with me from 830 am until I have to take him to school for Kindergarten which is close to 1pm.  We tend to go to the park as well on those days!  My oldest son will be leaving this afternoon for a camping trip with his church group--royal rangers. Over a week ago, I started watching more closely what I many calories I am ingesting.  Plus I am trying to eat every 2 times every 3.  So far I have lost 4.7lbs in a week! I am down to 249.2lbs.   I just hope and pray that God gives me the will power to help me continue to watch how many calories I ingest!   Please keep me in your prayers for that!  Because I like to eat and I'm all about how food taste!  But I am determined with God's help to lose as much weight as possible! 

Thanks to my best friend Jon , he has convinced me to start sharing some of my poetry on this website!  So be looking for some soon! Keep checking!  And please give me feed back! I really appreciate it if you would!

More about my poetry writing...

There was a period for a week or two that I was going through major writers block!  I was going through a famine when it comes to my poetry!  Last Sunday, i realized that the reason I was going through such a famine was that I wasn't taking time to spend with God by reading the Bible.  That Sunday afternoon, I took some time to listen to Margaret Becker's song "Say The Name" that I blogged about previously.  After I listened to it, I felt so at peace!  And guess what!  That night at work, I began writing some more poetry!  In fact, since I then I have written 5 new poems!!!! There's nothing like giving birth!  Who says giving birth is always painful?!?! Haha! Kidding! :) Ladies, please don't send me nasty grams! :)

Some of the new poems I have written are called "I Need You", "Idols Fall Down", "Come Together", etc...

I currently have a couple more that I am writing.  One is called "Sound".

Well, thanks for taking the time to read this!  If you know of anyone who would benefit from this blog, please give them a link to this! 

God bless you all!  And until next time....

Poet For Christ

Remind Me Who I Am Music Video

Here is a link to Jason Gray's music official video for "Remind Me Who I Am" on You Tube!  Check it out and please tell me what you think! 

Remind Me Who I Am by Jason Gray

Peace!!!!  Be blessed!

Jason Gray cd Recommendation


I love albums that are about grace and freedom!   Such is  Jason Gray's newest album:  A Way To See In The Dark that was released September 13, 2011.  Jason Gray approached making this album with a huge amount of gratitude and freedom which comes from not having his identity wrapped up in the record itself.  This time around he didn't worry about being rejected nor having this album prove his worth to the world (Jason Gray Music ).  This definitely shows through out the whole album! 

I simply can't get enough of this cd!  I have been checking out this cd numerous times from the library!  I will eventually breakdown and buy a copy of the cd for myself!  

There is not a single bad track on the album!  Here are some of the highlights and my favorite songs on the album:

  • "Remind Me Who I Am" : This is a catchy, addictive opening song on the album!  It is a prayer to God (and a reminder) that ask Him to remind us who we are in Christ during times we are doubting ourselves.  One of the most heartfelt phrases from the song are: "If I am your beloved can You help me believe it" (Song ). 
  • "No Thief Like Fear" : Another really catchy song!  It is also my oldest's sons favorite song on the album!  This song gives a very accurate description of what fear is and does. ("Fear will take the best of us/Then come back for the rest of us/Its raging hunger never satisfied...let down your guard/it will steal your heart [Song]).   It is also a prayer to God to set us free from fear! It's a great song to sing along to!
You can find this cd at:  Feel free to also see if your local library has it as well!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Cd Recommendation

courtesy of: New Release Tuesday

Margaret Becker is one of my favorite Contemporary Christian singers!  The majority of her albums were released in the '90s, including this one--- Soul.  Soul, which was released in 1993, is by far my favorite Margaret Becker cd of all time! What I really love about this cd is that: it's fun to listen to,  it's great Christian dance music, it get me in a worshipful mood, and it helps me keep my focus on Christ!

There's NOT a bad song on this album!  Some of my favorites are:

  • Say The Name--- It's a great song for me to listen to when my soul is going through a desert experience or I feel my focus on Christ is "off". 
  • The World I See In You--- A very fun song to sing along to! 
  • All That I Am--- A great worship song that I enjoy singing to God!
  • I Wouldn't Know---  It's scarey to think where I would be without Christ!  Like the song says, "I wouldn't know what love is without You, without You"---the You being Jesus!
Go by this cd---NOW! :)  You'll be glad that you did! You can find this cd at:

Say The Name

As a Christian these days, it can be so easy to let my focus on Christ get distracted.  So many things compete for my attention: household chores, my family, my goals, my entertainment, etc...On Sunday afternoon, I found that I felt out of focus.  Listening to this song by one of my favorite singers Margaret Becker caused me to refocus and think of only of Jesus---the only One that truly matters in this life.  Enjoy the lyric!

Say The Name
performed by Margaret Becker
From Cd: Soul
Lyrics courtesy: Margaret Becker's Website

A more sweeter sounding word
These lips have never said
A gentle name so beautiful
My heart cannot forget
Just a whisper is enough
To set my soul at ease
Just thinking of this Name
Brings my heart to peace

Say the Name
Say the Name that soothes the soul
The Name of gentle healing
And peace immutable
I'll say the Name that has heard my cry
Has seen my tears and wiped them dry
From now until the end of time
I'll say the Name

May I never grow so strong
That my heart cannot be moved
May I never grow so weak
That I fear to speak the truth
I will say this holy Name
No matter who agrees
For no other name on earth
Means so much to me

(repeat chorus)

With all the honor I can find
With all my heart, my soul, my mind
I will say the Name
Without defense, without shame
I will always speak the Name
Of Jesus

(repeat chorus)

From now until the end of time
Say the Name

Sunday, May 13, 2012

What I Have Learned From S.H.A.P.E. Part 2

One of the lessons I have learned from this class that has really stuck with me is that we are all wired uniquely and differently by God.   Knowing this is like breathing in deep a breath of fresh air!  Gone is the pressure of having to "be like someone else". 

It took me a really LONG time for me to realize that I simply cannot change how God has wired me!  For example, I am a major introvert!  As an introvert, I tend to be quiet and shy.  I enjoy reading books and watching movies more than going out to social functions (with the exception being church functions). Also, when I am at work, I tend to keep to myself and concentrate solely on working instead of socializing. At previous jobs, I would always think to myself: "At the next job, I will be more outgoing and make lots of friends".  However, when I arrived at the new job, I would stay the same and not change. I have finally come to realize that trying to force myself to be something that I am not is a practice in "futility" (and a complete waste of my time).  I can only be what God created me to be--- strengths, weaknesses and all.

In all honesty, I should delight in every aspect God has created me to be including my weaknesses!  If I give everything over to God, God can even use  my weaknesses for His glory and for the purpose of ministering to other people! 

So take the opportunity to delight in who God has created you to be!  Take a look at your weaknesses and ask God how He can use those weaknesses for His glory and His ministry!

The Definition of S.H.A.P.E.

For those of you who would like to know what "S.H.A.P.E." stands for here it is:

S= Spiritual Gifts- a set of special abilities that God has given to you to share His love with love and serve others

H= Heart- The special passions God has given you so that you can glorify Him on earth

A= Abilities- The set of talents that God gave you when you were born, which He also wants you to use to make an impact for Him

P= Personality- The special way God wired you to navigate life and fulfill your unique Kingdom Purpose.

E= Experiences- Those parts of your past, both positive and painful, which God intends to use in great ways.

The meanings of the letters are from the book:  The Purpose Driven Life.  Since I don't have my notes on me, I got a really good explanation of each meaning of the words from Shape Discovery.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

What I Have Learned From S.H.A.P.E. Part 1

I am currently taking a class at my church called "S.H.A.P.E.".  The purpose of this class is to help each one of us find our fit in ministry. My wife and I have so far taken a spiritual gifts assessment,  two personality tests and a strength finders assessment.  I have really enjoyed the class! 

One of the best lessons I have learned from the class is that God has wired each of us differently.  God can use each of our unique personalities to help minister in the church.  What an awesome thing to consider!  There is room for us all!  We are all part of the same body but serve in different ways!  We complement each other! 

It's so easy to think  that we can't be used by God to minister!  Especially when we consider all the weaknesses we possess! A lot of times we feel that way because we have failed to see ourselves the way God see us---as His unique one-of-a-kind child with unique talents and a grand purpose to fulfill! 

All of us believers-in-Christ have been given atleast one spiritual gift by God! You may think: "How am I gifted?"  Some great ways to find out is by taking a class like "S.H.A.P.E." that lets you explore who you are especially who you are in Christ through different assessments and lessons. If you aren't able to take a class like that, you can take different personality and spiritual gift assessments by going to a website like Christian Net. Another way is to ask people who know and love you how they believe God has gifted you.  The most important thing you can do to find out how you are gifted is to: PRAY!  Pray to God and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you how He has gifted you!  And He will! 

Don't be afraid to display your unique S.H.A.P.E. that God has given you!  You just never know how He may use your life to bless and minister to others!!!! :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Tracing His Hand

I love Jesus!  I really do! He has been my best friend thru thick and thin, good times and bad, and through stormy weather and sunny days!  He comforts me when I am down.  He celebrates my victories!  He has provided for all my needs! Honestly, I can't imagine what my life would be like without Him! 

This June will mark 25 years since I gave my heart to Christ! Wow! How time flies! Looking back, it has been such a wonderful journey!

courtesy of:  Google
I love the title track that Jeni Varnadeau (pictured above) does from her cd "Tracing His Hand".  My favorite lines---which summarized how I feel about this journey God has blessed me with--- are from the chorus of the title track (courtesy of:

"Wherever You lead, I wanna go
Even if it's someplace I don't know
Drawing me away and taking me from my comfort zone
Wherever we walk, it leaves a path
Just like footprints in the sand
And if I looked back
I'd see the plan
Was tracing Your hand"