Thursday, May 31, 2012

Clay Crosse "The Clay Crosse Collection"

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Before Clay's life changing year (1998), Clay put out a few CCM albums including: My Place Is With You (1994), Time To Believe (1995), and Stained Glass (1997). This 1998 collection chronicles the best hits from each album, and it also includes 2 new songs.  Clay Crosse has a unique Memphis-influenced voice that is enjoyable to listen to! 

Some of the highlights on the cd:

1. I Will Follow Christ- One of the new songs.  It is sung from the 12 disciples point of view about their devotion and at the end our devotion to follow Christ.

2. When In Rome-  One of the other new songs.  I love this song!  It's about standing up for what you believe in even though everyone is against you!

3. I Surrender All- This song is about surrendering everything to Jesus!  It's a very beautiful and moving song!

4. His Love Is Strong- This is a very upbeat encouraging song about Jesus' love being strong enough to win the fight!

5. Time To Believe- A song that encourages people despite what's going on around them that "people it's time to believe".

You can buy this cd and mp3s at really affordable prices at Amazon.

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