Sunday, May 27, 2012

Poetry Book Update/Copyright Basics May 27, 2012

Hey Poetry Peeps! :)

I have some good news!  After church today (Sunday), I submitted my book of poetry via e-mail to Publish America!  According to their website, I should hear back from them from anywhere from a few days to a few weeks!  So the wait the begins!  How exciting!

Plus, my poetry is officially copyrighted!  I submitted it to U.S. Copyright Office.  Did you know that it only cost $35 to submit your work to be copyrighted via online submission?  This is really affordable considering that if you mail in the application form and your literary work by snail mail, the processing fee is $65.  So you save $30 by submitting it online! 

The website does say that once you create your work it automatically has copyright protection.  But I don't necessarily agree with that statement.  Because the website  states that if someone steals your work and you want to sue that person to comp the money you lost from that person stealing your work then your work has to be officially registered with the Copyright Office.
Here's some helpful links if you want information about Copyrighting.  Just click on the link!

Copyright Basics

Copyright Law

How To Register Your Work

God willing, soon, I will share with you a little bit more of a sampling of my poetry from my book!

Until then, God bless you!  And have a great night!



  1. I always catch you an hour after you post! lol. This has been a hectic couple of days. That sounds great :) and that really isn't a bad price at all! The internet makes everything convenient now these days. So glad you got it copyrighted, it's the safest thing to do for original writing/work. Good luck!

    - Zach

    1. How's your Dad? I can only imagine how hectic it has been?!?!

  2. Is that the same publishing company that you told me about originally? I think it was called smashwords or something? some people do believe that their work is automatically copyrighted once they submit it but if you REALLY want to protect your work, then you have to go to a copyrighting company like you mentioned. I've seen things on TV where famous authors are having their work stolen! Good thing you're taking care of it right away. I can't believing your book is already coming together! I remember when you first mentioned it! Congrats!