Monday, May 14, 2012

Say The Name

As a Christian these days, it can be so easy to let my focus on Christ get distracted.  So many things compete for my attention: household chores, my family, my goals, my entertainment, etc...On Sunday afternoon, I found that I felt out of focus.  Listening to this song by one of my favorite singers Margaret Becker caused me to refocus and think of only of Jesus---the only One that truly matters in this life.  Enjoy the lyric!

Say The Name
performed by Margaret Becker
From Cd: Soul
Lyrics courtesy: Margaret Becker's Website

A more sweeter sounding word
These lips have never said
A gentle name so beautiful
My heart cannot forget
Just a whisper is enough
To set my soul at ease
Just thinking of this Name
Brings my heart to peace

Say the Name
Say the Name that soothes the soul
The Name of gentle healing
And peace immutable
I'll say the Name that has heard my cry
Has seen my tears and wiped them dry
From now until the end of time
I'll say the Name

May I never grow so strong
That my heart cannot be moved
May I never grow so weak
That I fear to speak the truth
I will say this holy Name
No matter who agrees
For no other name on earth
Means so much to me

(repeat chorus)

With all the honor I can find
With all my heart, my soul, my mind
I will say the Name
Without defense, without shame
I will always speak the Name
Of Jesus

(repeat chorus)

From now until the end of time
Say the Name

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  1. I made that realization a couple of weeks ago when I would focus on other things and hardly make time for God. It really makes a huge difference :)

    and I love those lyrics. I should post one of Zach's poems to his dismay jk lol but he's written a lot :O