Saturday, May 26, 2012

Prayer Request

Please pray for my best buddy Jon.  He is currently in the hospital sick with appendicitus (sp?).  Please pray that God will bring a miraculous healing to his body via God speaking the word or by giving the doctors wisdom to treat Jon! Thanks!

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  1. Again, thank you so much for your kind support and prayers. I read the prayer you left me in my email the day that I had to go in and it really made things easier. I know appedectomys are routine, but some lady that was in the ER with me told me that her cousin died from it and I was like "gee, thanks for telling me this hours before I have to get surgery!" hahaha. But I prayed the entire time and it brought me through. I think I'm improving with my walk with Christ every day :) Thank you so much, best buddy!