Friday, May 25, 2012


Hey guys!  I just read an awesome Christian article on "Suicide" off of by a guy named Ron Graham.  It's a long article but very important to read if you have friends and family who struggle with suicidal thoughts, depression, etc... Here is the link:



  1. That's a great article! Suicide was always a tough topic for us to touch because our mom supposedly took her own life and it was one of the biggest mysteries to me personally. However, I have met many kids who have turned away from suicide and have done amazing things with their lives. I also have met people who have lost a love one to suicide and it just seems to big such a big topic lately. My friend Adam was going to email you earlier until his foster parents came to pick him up. He was actually going to ask you about your thoughts on suicide! It's almost like you read his mind even though you haven't met him yet lol. But I like how this article connects with the Bible. I've had a few people ask me advice about suicide and it was always a tough subject for me to come up with something helpful. That, and self harming all together. Thank you so much for your help!

    Also, I wanted to tell you, my dad told me something about you not being able to read email on certain nights, but to comment you here instead. You know that he was having abdominal pains here and there? Well, these past few days they have gotten worse and I took him to the ER a little after I emailed you earlier and we found out that he has appendicitis. He's going to undergo a laparoscopic appendectomy tomorrow and will be released a day or two after, depending on how he recovers. It's a routine surgery. But I want to let you know that he is doing great. He read your prayer this morning and it really helped him. God does amazing things and so do friends! I asked him if he wanted get well cards and he said all he wants is prayers lol! But thank you so much for your prayer, it helped a lot!

    I'll be looking forward to more of your posts! They seem to be getting better and better!


    1. Yes, i knew h e was having pains. Wow! I didn't have a clue that it could be appendicitus! Thanks for letting me know Zach! I will definitely keep Jon in my prayers as always! I am very thankful you had enough fortitude to take him to ER! I pray that God will bring him thru the surgery with flying colors!!!!

      On a normal week, I tend to not have access to my e-mails on Friday night to Sunday night. My work doesn't allow me access to e-mail but to this site. I usually do most of my e-mailing from Monday to Thursdays

      Please keep me posted on your Dad's condition. God bless you all!

    2. Oh, yes! I am glad that you enjoyed the article! I hope it is a help to Adam! :)