Friday, May 18, 2012

My LIfe and Poetry Book Update! May 18th 2012 edition

Hey guys and gals!

What's up?  Hope you are all enjoying the nice warm spring weather!  I sure am!  I have been taking my sons to the park any chance I get!  Every Wednesday I have a "Daddy Day" with my youngest son.   My oldest son hangs out with me from 830 am until I have to take him to school for Kindergarten which is close to 1pm.  We tend to go to the park as well on those days!  My oldest son will be leaving this afternoon for a camping trip with his church group--royal rangers. Over a week ago, I started watching more closely what I many calories I am ingesting.  Plus I am trying to eat every 2 times every 3.  So far I have lost 4.7lbs in a week! I am down to 249.2lbs.   I just hope and pray that God gives me the will power to help me continue to watch how many calories I ingest!   Please keep me in your prayers for that!  Because I like to eat and I'm all about how food taste!  But I am determined with God's help to lose as much weight as possible! 

Thanks to my best friend Jon , he has convinced me to start sharing some of my poetry on this website!  So be looking for some soon! Keep checking!  And please give me feed back! I really appreciate it if you would!

More about my poetry writing...

There was a period for a week or two that I was going through major writers block!  I was going through a famine when it comes to my poetry!  Last Sunday, i realized that the reason I was going through such a famine was that I wasn't taking time to spend with God by reading the Bible.  That Sunday afternoon, I took some time to listen to Margaret Becker's song "Say The Name" that I blogged about previously.  After I listened to it, I felt so at peace!  And guess what!  That night at work, I began writing some more poetry!  In fact, since I then I have written 5 new poems!!!! There's nothing like giving birth!  Who says giving birth is always painful?!?! Haha! Kidding! :) Ladies, please don't send me nasty grams! :)

Some of the new poems I have written are called "I Need You", "Idols Fall Down", "Come Together", etc...

I currently have a couple more that I am writing.  One is called "Sound".

Well, thanks for taking the time to read this!  If you know of anyone who would benefit from this blog, please give them a link to this! 

God bless you all!  And until next time....

Poet For Christ


  1. I'm excited to see some of your poems :) How do you get ideas on what to title your poem(s)? The other day Zach had NO idea what to call the poem that he posted, so he just used one of the lines in the poem! haha. But I would think that would be one of the more difficult things when writing a song or poem. Heck, I can barely come up with titles for my entries =P

    Also, would be be okay if Zach tells some of his email followers about your blog?

  2. Aw, how many kids do you have? I'll be praying that you stick with your healthy diet. There are a lot of great option out there these days. I just started taking a fitness and nutrition class this year! I know several people who can benefit from your blog! And like my dad asked, would it be okay if we share your link to some of our email followers? They have been looking for christian-based blogs. I like how your blog has a variety of topics! I also added the follow button to my blog if you want to subscribe that way instead of email, whichever way is easier for you! Also, if you have any poetry tips for those who are interested in poetry writing, please share! :) I have had a few questions in my email box about that! Have a blessed weekend!

    - Zach