Friday, May 18, 2012

Jason Gray cd Recommendation


I love albums that are about grace and freedom!   Such is  Jason Gray's newest album:  A Way To See In The Dark that was released September 13, 2011.  Jason Gray approached making this album with a huge amount of gratitude and freedom which comes from not having his identity wrapped up in the record itself.  This time around he didn't worry about being rejected nor having this album prove his worth to the world (Jason Gray Music ).  This definitely shows through out the whole album! 

I simply can't get enough of this cd!  I have been checking out this cd numerous times from the library!  I will eventually breakdown and buy a copy of the cd for myself!  

There is not a single bad track on the album!  Here are some of the highlights and my favorite songs on the album:

  • "Remind Me Who I Am" : This is a catchy, addictive opening song on the album!  It is a prayer to God (and a reminder) that ask Him to remind us who we are in Christ during times we are doubting ourselves.  One of the most heartfelt phrases from the song are: "If I am your beloved can You help me believe it" (Song ). 
  • "No Thief Like Fear" : Another really catchy song!  It is also my oldest's sons favorite song on the album!  This song gives a very accurate description of what fear is and does. ("Fear will take the best of us/Then come back for the rest of us/Its raging hunger never satisfied...let down your guard/it will steal your heart [Song]).   It is also a prayer to God to set us free from fear! It's a great song to sing along to!
You can find this cd at:  Feel free to also see if your local library has it as well!


  1. I'm going to see if they have the digital album on Amazon. Ellie gets paid tomorrow and she's going to go on a digital music shopping spree! haha. If we are able to get it, I'll let you know what we think!

  2. We just bought the digital album about an hour ago and we love it! We have it playing right now. Have you listened to the special edition album? It comes with 2 discs, the second one has demo versions and acoustics. One of my personal favorites is "The End of Me". Thank you so much!