Monday, May 28, 2012

In The Grip of Grace

Courtesy: Amazon

Has there ever been times since becoming a Christian where you messed up badly or made a major mistake?  During those times, have you ever beaten yourself up about it or thought you lost your salvation?  If the answer to any or all of these questions are "yes", this book is for you.  Max Lucado has painted a beautiful picture of God's grace in this book In The Grip of Grace.  Max goes over how we created the need for a Savior, how God sent the solution and how that solution makes a difference in our lives.

I have read this book atleast 3 times now.  It is very well written!  It serves as a good reminder that no matter how he mess up or how many times we make mistakes, God will always love us and will never let go of us.  We can never escape the grip of His grace! 

Go buy this book or at the very least, check it out at the library!  The book is very affordable if you purchase a used copy at: Amazon
. It also comes in Kindle edition for those of you who has The Kindle from amazon. 

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