Friday, May 25, 2012

FFH "Ready To Fly"

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Ready To Fly was released in 2003. This album is by far one of the best FFH albums ever! The cd is a mix of worship and modern Contemporary Christian music.  Listening to this cd always puts me in a good and worshipful mood!

Some of the highlights are:

  • You Found Me- This song talks about the joys of being found in and by Jesus!
  • Good To Be Free -  This song rejoices in the freedom that is provided by Christ.  I love the lines that say: "Things of this world are overdone/Things like theology and philosophy-oh yeah/Through Jesus I know I've overcome/My insecurities and insincerity/Now You've placed in me/A hope for things I cannot see, now" (from: ELyrics).
  • It's A Good Day- This song is one of my absolute favorites on this album.  It talk about even if things aren't going our way, as long as, Jesus is our Lord and we are saved then "it's a good day".
  • Never Gonna Be Alone- This song rejoices in the fact that we will never be alone since Jesus is around!  Love it!
    Do yourself a favor and buy this cd!  You can get it extremely cheap (as a used cd) at: Amazon    

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  1. I actually heard this album at our church book store, I love it! It's very modern with a positive message. I also recommend!