Saturday, May 19, 2012

Somewhere Down The Road


 Life is a journey.  During the journey, we take different roads, make mistakes, and learn some valuable lessons...sometimes the hard way.  This album is a picture of Amy Grant looking back on her life's journey so far.  Put out on March  26, 2010, this album is made up of six new songs, two previously unreleased concert favorites ("What Is The Chance of That"/"Come Into My World"), one remake ("Arms of Love"), and three previously released songs ("Every Road", "Somewhere Down The Road", and "Imagine/Sing The Wondrous Love of Jesus").

During the making of the album, I was at first offended that after 7 years of waiting for a new pop cd from Amy that she would include 3 previously released songs. However, the more I have listened to the album, the more those songs seem to fit with the theme of life's journey.  Listening to the cd now is a pure joy to me!

My favorite songs on here that are the highlights of the album are:

  • "Better Than A Hallelujah"- One of the new songs to appear on the album is a very beautiful picture of how God values our honesty in prayer over rituals. Part of the lyric says: "We pour out our miseries/God just hears a melody/Beautiful, the mess we are/the honest cries of breaking hearts/are better than a hallelujah" (Metro Lyrics ).
  •   "What Is The Chance of That"- This is such a great "tongue-in-cheek" type song! It's one of the songs she recorded for her cd Behind The Eyes (1997) that didn't make it on the album.  I can totally relate when Amy sings: "Why do I feel restless inside?/Maybe I'm part of a wandering tribe/I want to check my family tree/I think there's a little nomad in me/What is the chance of that?/What is the chance of that?" (Metro Lyrics )
  • "Find What You're Looking For"- This brand new song is one of the most heartfelt on the album.  It's so easy to find fault in other people to make us feel better.  Instead of condemning other people, we should look at own lives.  If we do, we may end up finding that we too have the same faults that other people have. Do any of us really have the right to condemn anyone else in the light of God's love?  I love the verses that says: "What would they find if they uncovered all of my tracks/Of roads I'd snuck down and darkness and never turn back/Well they'd find what they're looking for/Secrets and so much more.../What would I find if I turned back the time on your face/Could I piece together the memories that have made you this way/I might find what I'm looking for/Understanding and so much more" (Metro Lyrics )
  • "Every Road"- This song originally appeared on Behind The Eyes (1997).  It's great to know no matter what road we take (as Christians) even if they are a misstep, the road will end winding its way back to God!  Remember, the  Bible says that God will not allow any that Jesus has found to be lost.
Thoughts To Ponder: What has your life journey been like?  If you were to write a similar album as Amy Grant's what would it sound like?  What would it look like? How do you feel about your journey so far?  When you look at the future, how do you see your journey taking shape?  What do you want to do better?

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  1. I've heard of Amy Grant. I think she did a crossover to pop music for a little bit and then went back to Christian pop.

    My life's journey has been interesting lol. I feel like I've just been born a few weeks ago sometimes haha. But I am grateful for every single thing that has happened, even the hurtful things because I think I learned from it. I'm not going to lie, it also scarred me, but I'm learning not to hold on to the past. Just this year I decided to allow myself to get closer to God, as I've mentioned before. We've been going to church for a few years but I never felt a thing. My kids were being "fed" by the Word and I still had an empty stomach. I thought maybe I was just dumb or something lol. then I learned that I still had a lot of burdens. I want to do A LOT of things better. I'm ashamed to admit this, but I feel like a lost child many times and I feel like I'm just growing up and discovering things for the first time. that's why in the headline of my blog it says "I'll get it right eventually..." because I've been doing a lot of trial and error lately. But then again, we are our worst enemies and we tend to be harsh on ourselves!

  2. Amy Grant is amazing. I have listened to some of her music before I even became a Christian. And to answer the thoughts to ponder, I think my life journey has been amazing, as has everyone's, I think people should see every mistake and misstep as an opportunity to learn from and grow. I really want people of my generation to know that life isn't hopeless even though the media (and internet) keeps telling you that! Becoming a Christian doesn't make your life perfect, but it gives you a better understanding and a sense of comfort. It gives you a new way to deal with certain situations.

    I shared your blog link in my latest entry and I even mentioned that you inspired me to start this blog! My dad showed me your blog when you first started it and I loved it immediately. I know others will too!

    - Zach