Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Michael W. Smith "Live The Life"

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Released in the spring of 1998, this is by far one of Michael's best cd!!!  It is very pop-oriented and fun to listen to!  Some of the themes Michael sings about are: never being unloved, the craziness of life and the need to be loved good, God knowing our name, etc...He even wrote a song for the Titanic soundtrack that didn't get accepted but made it on here called "In My Arms Again".

Here are the highlights of the album:

1. Love Me Good: A song about the craziness of everyday life and the uncertainty of it all! One of the most unique and perhaps strangest lyrics written by Michael's co-writer Wayne Kirkpatrick : "But I could never live in a yurt/on a diet of mongolian barbeque/I conquer the world for a moment, then the moment is gone" (Maxi Lyrics).

2. Live The Life: A great song about living the life for Christ by our actions not just by words. "For the world to know the truth/There can be no greater proof/Than to live the life, live the life/There's no love that's quite as pure/There's no pain we can't endure/If we live the life, live the life/Be a light for all to see/For every act of love will set you free" (Maxi Lyrics).

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