Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Clay Crosse "A Different Man"

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In 1998, while on a plane ride, God showed Clay Crosse how far away Clay had travelled from God.  Clay had hid from the world but not from God his addiction to pornography.  On that plane, Clay suddenly felt how much of a fake he was to God. This spurred a process of repentance and turning his life around. His journey through that process comes out in this album called "A Different Man".  Three of the 10 songs that are on here is about his journey back to God and about his repentance. This is a really good cd!  however, if you don't want to download or buy the whole cd, atleast, download the following songs:

1. Arms of Jesus- Talks about how when we fall in our journey, we fall into the arms of Jesus. I like the phrase: "Let me fall/Into the arms of Jesus/Let me come into His kingdom/and kneel at His cross/When I stand beneath His mercy/I will give up my all/Let me fall into the arms of Jesus". Lyrics Courtesy of: Maxi Lyrics

2. 98
- Clay's testimony about his life changing year in 1998.  Very good song! Here's a sample: "Come on and gather round/And listen to my story/About a fall from grace/A change of heart/A rise to glory/A lesson learned/A doorway I went thru" (Maxi Lyrics).

3. Sinner's Prayer- This is THE song to play to someone who is lost if you want to lead them to Christ or if you want to tell them how to get saved.  It is so good!!! ( Click here for the lyrics: Sinner's Prayer )

You can get a used copy of this cd or purchase the songs singly via mp3 at: Amazon

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