Monday, May 14, 2012

Cd Recommendation

courtesy of: New Release Tuesday

Margaret Becker is one of my favorite Contemporary Christian singers!  The majority of her albums were released in the '90s, including this one--- Soul.  Soul, which was released in 1993, is by far my favorite Margaret Becker cd of all time! What I really love about this cd is that: it's fun to listen to,  it's great Christian dance music, it get me in a worshipful mood, and it helps me keep my focus on Christ!

There's NOT a bad song on this album!  Some of my favorites are:

  • Say The Name--- It's a great song for me to listen to when my soul is going through a desert experience or I feel my focus on Christ is "off". 
  • The World I See In You--- A very fun song to sing along to! 
  • All That I Am--- A great worship song that I enjoy singing to God!
  • I Wouldn't Know---  It's scarey to think where I would be without Christ!  Like the song says, "I wouldn't know what love is without You, without You"---the You being Jesus!
Go by this cd---NOW! :)  You'll be glad that you did! You can find this cd at:


  1. Thanks for the recommendation. We've actually been listening to some of the other songs that you recommended too :) My kids have been looking for Christian music to listen to. We actually have NO radio stations down here that play Christian music! I guess we know who to ask if we need something good to listen to ;)

  2. Yep...I have a ton of cds that I can recommend!!!! Perhaps you and your kids could check out your library and see if they have cds y'all can listen to!

  3. Hey! Nice to meet you, and thank you for the comments on our blog! I have written poetry for a few years but not many of them were good enough to share. I wrote that last one for a friend. I plan on writing more! I would love to read some of yours too. Awhile ago, my dad told me that you were going to publish your own book of poetry and I think that's amazing and inspiring! Thank you for being a great friend to our dad who has been a bit off balance lately. Just kidding, but he could use some friends like you!

    We also look forward to your music recommendations! My little sisters have been listening to Margaret these past few days. It's a breath of fresh air compared to what they've been listening to lately. ew. Keep doing what you're doing and I'll be sure to tell some of my friends about your blog!

    - Zach

    1. Thanks Zach!

      Oh, you never know...I bet a lot more of your poetry is good enough to share than you think! :) Do you do any singing or writing music? Your Dad told me your sisters are writing some songs. Perhaps you could partner up with your sisters and write lyrics for their songs? One of my goals in life was to be a songwriter but I realized later on that I don't know how to write music and I have no desire to write music.

      Your welcome! I really enjoy being friends with your Dad! He is such a cool person!

      Oh, I have a huge collection of cds so more music recommendations will be coming! I also check out music from my library. Perhaps y'all can check out your local library, esp online, to see if they have Christian music you can check out. Margaret Becker is really cool!

      God bless you Zach!