Sunday, May 20, 2012

Blog Recommendation

One of my new friends I have made, named Zach, has a great blog out there called: Room 4 Growth.  He posts  high quality Bible studies and essays that are full of the wisdom of God!  Zach exhibits a Godly wisdom that way surpasses his age of being in his early 20s!  It's great to see a great man of God like him who is so on fire for God!  He definitely has what it takes to become a pastor (if that is what God has planned for him)! He along with his sisters Jackie and Ellie host Bible studies for tweens and teens! Please check out his blog by clicking on the underlined link above for "Room 4 Growth".

My best buddy (Zach's Dad) named Jon has a blog out called:  Clumsy Mr. Mom.  Jon makes some great and refreshing observations about real life!  It  is quite fun reading his blogs!  Do yourself a favor and check it out!!!!

Thanks to Jon and Zach for being such great and fun friends! May God bless you both and your siblings and other family members and friends exceedingly! 


  1. I have some good news for you...about 10 of the people that I Bible study with have told me that they have subscribed to you through email! I have no idea how many people we have in total (since we aren't notified when there's a subscription) but from what people have told me, I think we have several people reading yours too! They are happy that we shared your link with them! And thank you so much for the compliment! I really enjoy the Bible college that I'm attending and I love the feeling of helping someone grow spiritually! And I'm glad you enjoy my dad's blog. It's so funny! lol. and thank you for being a great friend to us!

    - Zach

  2. Wow! That's awesome news, Zach! So glad to hear it!!!! I have a lot planned for the blog: cd, dvd, and book recommendations. At some point today (Monday), God willing, I will start compiling and putting together my book of poetry (I have over 90 poems to go thru) on Word. So hopefully by today or by latest Wednesday, I will start posting some of my poems! Your welcome for being a great friend. Thanks also for being great friends as well!

  3. Thank YOU for being a good friend to me! And to think I was terrified of doing the Christian pen pals thing. See what happens when you try something new? ;) I'm just glad that I haven't scared you away yet jk haha. I'm glad you are enjoying Zach's blog. You inspired him to do that!