This family are in trouble with the law for holding home church on their property!

Would you mind signing the petition, too and passing it on to others? Thank you and God bless!

"My wife and I have had worship with family and friends at our home since 2005. We live on 4.6 acres of land and have never open our home to the public, parked in street, violated any traffic or noise ordinances. The City of Phoenix violated me in 2009 because they said that we were not allowed to have such gatherings on our property even though they are private. According to the City only "Churches" that have commercial and public use codes are allowed to have religious gatherings. Since our property does not meet commercial guidelines we can not have religious gatherings at our home. We argue that this type of enforcement is discriminatory and unconstitutional, they pretty much said, Oh well and sentenced me to 60 days in Jail to report on July 9th. Please Call and Sign our Petition. We not only fight for us but for all those who gather under their rights. Thank you all for your prayers and support."