Monday, July 2, 2012

Book News

Hey poetry peeps!

As you know, a week or so ago, I published my e-book of poetry Pieces of Heaven...Pieces of Earth.  And thanks to Zach and Jon who have gotten the copies of my book so far! :)  Y'all are  best pals a man could ask for! Thanks!

Here's some news..

I am currently working on publishing an actual physical copy of my book Pieces of Heaven...Pieces of Earth.  I have the book itself loaded with the original formatting I wanted to go with---that I couldn't with the e-book.  Now, I am trying to design the cover.  I plan on going with the original cover that is on my e-book.  However, the pictures formatting needs to be changed. Right now, I have e-mailed the original people that has done my original cover to see if they can change the specifications.  Once I hear back from them, I should be able to publish the book. More news to come...


  1. That's great! I finally heard from that guy who I asked to pass the link to your blog. He told me that he wanted to take a look at it first (I don't know if he did) and then he will share it! A hard copy would be a cool idea too. I tried to go to a printing company to get it printed but they didn't want to do it because maybe they thought I was going to make copies and sell it or something lol but that's understandable! But if you get that done, you know we'll be buying that too ;)

  2. Have you heard of I think they walk you through the process of creating your book. About a year ago, someone told me about that site and said that I should publish a book that way, but I'm not much of a writer! That would be a great thing for you to do though! That would be cool to have a physical copy of your book as well! Can you imagine having a copy of a book that YOU wrote yourself? Keep us updated! :D