Monday, July 30, 2012

Was the murders in Colorado part of God's wrath?

I have heard it said by some when things of this nature happens, such as the murders in Colorado et al, that it is part of God's wrath.  But is it really?

Here is a passage in the Bible that brings light to the subject:

Luke 13:1-5 (God's Word):
13 At that time some people reported to Jesus about some Galileans whom Pilate had executed while they were sacrificing animals. Jesus replied to them, “Do you think that this happened to them because they were more sinful than other people from Galilee? No! I can guarantee that they weren’t. But if you don’t turn to God and change the way you think and act, then you, too, will all die. What about those 18 people who died when the tower at Siloam fell on them? Do you think that they were more sinful than other people living in Jerusalem? No! I can guarantee that they weren’t. But if you don’t turn to God and change the way you think and act, then you, too, will all die.”

This passage is saying that this isn't part of God's wrath and that the people involved aren't more sinful than other people.  But that we all who refuse to repent and accept Christ as personal Lord and Savior will all physically and spiritually die.


  1. Great post! There are some Christians who overdo things and sometimes become insensitive without realizing it. It kind of embarrasses me sometimes. Terrible things happen in this life for reasons that we don't know, but that goes to show that you can be taken away from this world at any day and at anytime. I always look at it this way at the end of the day "If I were to die tonight, would I truly be ready?" It's a scary thought but I always make sure that the answer is yes. I ask God to forgive any wrong I have done for the day and I give thanks for the things that I do have!

  2. I agree with Zach about the people who overdo things lol. I actually heard some people say that it was God's way of punishing the people of CO! I thought ti was a bit insensitive to those who have lost someone or have a loved one who is injured. Even if it is, they should stop putting "God" into things like that. There's a time and place, I believe. I see it as a wake up call. We always put off things like accepting Christ as our Savior or asking for forgiveness because we think we still have all of the time in the world. Things can happen any time! Not just the rapture, but your own death. No one went into that theater thinking that it could possibly be their last day. And it just reminds me that I rarely think that either! I'm glad that I finally opened my eyes and put my trust in God. I've put it off for years! lol