Sunday, July 22, 2012

Can God Use Anti-Social/Introverts?

I have a confession to make....

I am an introvert. Introversion is defined as: "the state of or tendency toward being wholly or predominantly concerned with and interested in one's own mental life".  Our energy levels expand during reflection and deplete during interaction. An introvert is likely to enjoy time spent alone and find less reward in time spent with large groups of people, though he or she may enjoy interactions with close friends. Trust is usually an issue of significance: a virtue of utmost importance to an introvert choosing a worthy companion Introverts are easily overwhelmed by too much stimulation from social gatherings and engagement(Wikipedia).

I am also somewhat anti-social.  That doesn't mean I dislike people.  It's just that I really don't have a great desire to make face-to-face friendships. However, online, I enjoy making friends.  I express myself best when I write letters instead of having voice conversations.  My basic social life is online, and when it comes to face-to-face, it's with my wife and kids and at times my inlaws. (Even at work, I tend to keep to myself.)  I am sortof like Dolly Parton's husband Carl.  He is a little bit of a recluse and only wants to be around Dolly no one else.  As long as I am around Becky and my kids then I am perfectly content.

I have been a born-again Christian for 25 years---since the age of 10.  There have been times since then that the devil will have a field day with my mind about my introversion and anti-social ways..especially when I look at how other people (who are extroverts) are serving God and doing big things for God.  Sometimes I have thought "Can God use someone like me?".  Has any of you felt that way?

It wasn't until this year when I took a class called S.H.A.P.E. that I finally became at peace with who I am as a person and as a Christian.  I no longer feel the pressure of having to be like someone else.  I no longer have to compare myself to what other people are doing.  I can simply be me and allow God to use me any way He likes.

So can God use anti-social/introverted people?  Yes!  God has used introverted and anti-social people in the past.  I have found one example from the Old Testament in the book of Exodus.  His name is Moses. I find comfort in the character of Moses, because I feel like me and him are somewhat a like.  Exodus 3:1 states that Moses was a shepherd.  A shepherd was a solitary job where a man would lead sheep whereever they needed to go.  This job sortof lends itself to being anti-social.  I think I would have enjoyed that job! 

Moses also wasn't a great speaker--- like myself!  (Another reason I think he was anti-social and an introvert).   Exodus 4:10 (God's Word) states: "Moses said to the Lord,'Please, Lord, I'm not a good speaker.  I've never been a good speaker, and I'm not now, even though you've spoken to me.  I speak slowly, and I become tongue-tied easily".

Even though I don't stutter, like Moses,  I can totally relate to what he says.  For I am not a good conversationalist.  I am quiet and reserved.

Moses objected to God using him because of his weaknesses.  Despite the objections from Moses, even though God got a little angry with Moses for being so down on himself and doubting God, God still was patient with Moses and was able to use Moses to free the Hebrew slaves from Egypt.

Haven't we all been like Moses and objected at some point to God using us in some way because of our weaknesses?  Like Moses, God can still use us depsite our weaknesses.  God can use us introverts and anti-social people for His glory!  It may not be in a way that we imagine, but it will be in God's perfect will and on God's perfect timing.

So you may be asking:  How can God use someone like me?  I'm an introvert and anti-social!  I'm shy!  I battle social anxiety!

First, you have to have faith!  Believe God when He says He can use you! 

Second, depend on His strength and grace! We cannot do anything of ourselves, since we are only dust!  Dust has no strength whatsoever.  We can't even take our next breath without God giving us the strength to breathe it in!    

Third, ask God to reveal to you what He wants you to do!  Even though you may not be able to give speeches in front of people, or go out to parties or crowds and make conversation with people, God can still use you in a mighty way!  Perhaps, He will bless you as an author of books of different varieties such as poetry, Christian fiction, Christian living, etc.... Or God may bless you with a penpal ministry through the internet.  Perhaps God will make you an online missionary or an online pastor. You don't have to go physically to a missions trip to do a missions trip.  You can minister to people all over the world through the internet.

There is no limit to what God can call you to be!  There is a place for every one of God's children to serve!  You just have to ask God to reveal it to you and to not hesitate to  use your imagination!  And sometimes we have to change our preceptions.  A lot of us (even me) can get caught up in the false perception that we all have to accomplish "big" things for God.  We often think that the only way to accomplish "big" things for God is by going on a mission trip or to be a church staff member like a pastor or to be a major evangelist, like Billy Graham. 

However, what our definition of "big" is totally different of what God's definition of "big" is.  We might think something like spending quality time with our children by taking them to a park or concert is no big deal.  But if you are doing in obedience to God, then it is a big deal to God! Even cleaning the house, helping out your kids with a science project, cooking, visiting a sick loved one, giving a ride to a family member or stranger, etc...though they may seem small to you, but they are "big" things in the eyes of God because you are obeying Him and doing it for the right motives!

In conclusion, God can use anti-social and introverted people such as me and you! Don't compare yourself to others!  Be at peace with who you are as a human being and who you are in Christ!   Ask God to reveal to you what He wants you to do for Him!  Once you find that out, go for it! Knowing that no matter what you do for God, it will be seen as "big" to Him since you will be obeying Him and doing it out of pure motives!  Now, close your eyes, and picture God saying: "Be at peace and go for it!"  


  1. I hung out with a bunch of introverts at a workshop was so scary! haha. You have done your part by ministering to us through this blog! :) Also, the helpful emails you have sent. I think a lot of people are turning to email newsletters/Bible studies and the opportunities are growing that way!

  2. Great post! I don't know if I'm an introvert or extrovert but I do spend tons of time around people and I enjoy it. But I can also spend time alone too. I know some people who are terrified of being alone.

    But God can use anyone in ways that He has planned for them! I like how you trusted in Him to have Him show you in what ways you can be used. We have learned a lot through your blogs and always enjoy them! I think more introverts are being used in the ministry lately. At least that's how it's been at my church! Thank you for always sharing positive and uplifting posts with everyone who follows you! You are doing your duty as a man of God and using what God has given you!

  3. Enjoyed this immensely! I am most certainly an introvert; in my outlook, what I need in my work space, and in my views on life. I need to recharge after being with groups--much prefer to do things alone. I like people but don't need constant surface talk. Always wondered about the contemplative life.

  4. Enjoyed this immensely! I am most certainly an introvert; in my outlook, what I need in my work space, and in my views on life. I need to recharge after being with groups--much prefer to do things alone. I like people but don't need constant surface talk. Always wondered about the contemplative life.