Sunday, July 22, 2012

Noteworthy Blog Posts

Hey guys!

I wanted to share some noteworthy blogs I have read that I thought you may enjoy reading!

The Word of God by my good friend and brother in Christ---Zach

 Nevertheless Lord by Laurie



  1. Those are great posts! The one by Laurie really spoke to me because I feel as if I can relate to that now than ever before. Especially when she said "It is not wrong to want something different than God's Will- it is wrong when you don't accept God's will" Things are always easier to deal with when you realize that it is what God wants for you but that doesn't mean that it is easy.

    I also enjoyed Zach's :) He said it was inspired by my question when I asked "Well, if you just need to know Jesus, then why is there an entire Bible?" haha. Then BOOM that lesson was born. But I love reading the Bible! Life makes a lot more sense. It just confused me when people were telling me that good works and anything else is unnecessary. I knew that it couldn't get you saved, but to say it's unnecessary was a little much!

  2. We have recently discussed a similar topic as the one Laurie posted but her blog is great! It is hard to accept God's will at times. I think a lot of us mess up when we put our own needs first!

    And thank you for including mine :) I always enjoy putting those together! We have one more New Believers post coming up and then it's back to Spiritual Growth!