Monday, May 21, 2012


Well, as I promised here is a poem from my upcoming book.  Hope you enjoy it, and it ministers to you!  God bless you! 


written by:  Jerry S.
(c) 2012 Jerry S.

Hello sad eyes
Full of tears
Struggling with a heart full of sorrow
And a head full of fear

Since the day she died
It’s like you became frozen in time
Not living life anymore
You’re beginning to stink of your own slime

So strip off those dirty rags
And step into love’s shower
And be cleansed from all your fear
Don’t you dare give up
Start living in My power
For I still have a lot for you to do

Yes, what happened was tragic
Yes, it was quite a shame
But my child, you are not to blame
Don’t you know that she is at peace
And she’s resting in the palm of My hand?
It's time for you to dust yourself off and stand


  1. Wow, that's amazing! It kind of reminds me of my situation after losing my mom! I wasn't a believer at the time and I had no idea why God would take a mother away from her children. I doubted things but eventually realized that I'm still here for a reason and instead of being stuck in the same spot, why not move forward and do something with your life? This is very inspiring! I look forward to the other ones that you have! Keep up the great work! You sure are blessed!


  2. That's such a great and encouraging poem! What inspired you to write this? Like what Zach said, it reminds me of my personal struggle and as if God was speaking to me. I'm known for wallowing in my sorrows ;) haha. But I finally decided to not let that get the best of me. It's kinda hard because my mood is always changing (I cant even keep up sometimes! haha) but I trust God and I know he has a lot planned for all of us :)