Monday, May 28, 2012

FFH "Voice From Home"

Courtesy: Amazon
I've said this before, but I just love albums that is full of God's grace and love! Imagine if God created an album as a love letter to you---- this would be it!  This album is saturated with the love and Spirit of God!  You could play this album as a soundtrack to either Max Lucado's or Charles Stanley's books on eternal security. 

The highlights of this album are:

1. The Only Hand You Need- It talks about how God's hand is the only hand we need.  And how we originally let go of His hand and broke the fellowship with Him.

2. Great Big Problem - This song talks about how even when we turn away from God, He won't let us go.  He is there patiently waiting for us to come back.

3. Well Pleased-  It talks about He is well pleased with us because we are His children!

This is a cd you simply have to have in your collection!  It's a great cd to listen to when you are feeling down or harsh on yourself and/or on bad days when you are feeling stressed!  It's a great cd to listen to while laying down in your bed with your eyes closed in the dark.

So go and buy this cd at: Amazon and be blessed!!!!

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  1. Great song descriptions! Looks like something I can use. I think I stress too much lol. Every weekend is our "new music day". I think we're going to start using your recommendations since so far they have been amazing. At first Ava didn't want to listen to anything new and ended up loving it!