Sunday, August 5, 2012

The mercy of eternal life

John 6:37b (GW): "I will never turn away anyone who comes to me."

What an inspiring verse! So many people refuse to get saved because he or she feels that they have done too many bad things! They feel like they need to clean themselves up more before they can get saved! But this verse shows that God will accept anyone who comes to Jesus and repents of their sins.

Once you come to Jesus, you can take comfort in the following verse:

John 6:47 (GW): "I can guarentee this truth: Every believer has eternal life."

So once you are saved, you don't have to worry about staying saved or losing salvation.  Jesus said that every believer has eternal life.  Being saved and having eternal life is a "state of being" not doing! Once you have accepted Christ as Lord and Savior, you simply are saved. It becomes part of who you are---a Child of God!   You might mess up and stumble here and there, but since you are a believer,  you still  have eternal life!

How wonderful is that?! :)

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  1. Adam told me yesterday that he doesn't think he "deserves to be a Christian" :( He thinks hes a terrible person. I sent him this post and I hope that it gives him hope! It's a shame how a lot of people are so down on themselves that they don't give Jesus a try. I think if they gave at least a year of their lives to him, they would think differently!

    It is very wonderful to know that you are saved eternally! I think that's another thing that chases people away. People think being a Christian is so demanding and such hard work. Again, if they were to give it a try, they would see a difference in their lives! It's amazing to know that we have a Father who is forgiving and loving!