Sunday, August 12, 2012


Hey guys!

What's up?  Have you ever logged into your e-mail account to find that you have a lot of return messages saying that your e-mail was returned or was undeliverable?  A few days ago, I logged into one of my e-mail accounts and saw a number of e-mails that stated that an e-mail that I supposedly sent was "undeliverable".  I began to think, "oh no, someone has hacked my e-mail account."  Then I see an e-mail with no subject from my best bud Jon.  I opened it and he was kind enough to tell me that they have received an e-mail from my address promoting a website.  He suggested that my e-mail account was hacked into!  Wow! A confirmation that is had been hacked into! Thank you Jon for that confirmation! 

 Then I looked up on the top of my screen and saw that Yahoo! had sent me an alert. I opened it, and it said that someone from a different location had accessed my acount.  I clicked on the link for the details, and it said that someone from China---yes China!---had accessed my account. So it gave me the opportunity to change my password which I did!

I simply can't believe that someone from China would have accessed my account.  I am also surprised that someone from China would even know about me!  Perhaps they got my e-mail address from reading my blog..who knows?  But it is quite annoying to have someone hack into my e-mail acccount!  Not only did I get some undeliverable mail, apparently this hacker deleted some of my e-mails as well! quite annoying!

Just a couple of weeks ago, my other e-mail address was hacked into as well! So I had to change that password!

And even before that, our credit card company called us to let us know that someone committed fraud on it by making a small purchase somewhere for like $6 and then after that a big purchase of $500 at Verizon.  My wife had to tell our credit card company that it wasn't us.  Our credit card company figured as much.

Jon and Zach, God willing, I still have your most current e-mail replies in my inbox! God willing, I will reply to them on Monday when Shiloh and I goes to the library!

Anyway,  hope you all have a great Sunday!  Let's pray that our accounts online are secure and hack-free! 



  1. I've had that happen to me twice! But it was when I was using hotmail a few years ago. I didn't have my own computer at the time, so I only checked my email during my break at work and I wasn't able to get to it for 3 months and when I came back, I had a BIG surprise! haha.

    I had tons of emails in my inbox saying "mailer deamon" or something like that saying that my messages couldn't be delivered but I didn't even send anything so I was confused! Then I had a few emails from randoms and even people who I haven't talked to in years. They were telling me "can you please stop sending me advertising emails?" and again I was confused haha. I looked in my sent box and I had almost 70 emails that I didn't even send!

    People can get info from your accounts from different places. Especially if you sign up for websites, or even from someone in your address book! I was part of this coupon website that's similar to Groupon and they ended up giving my email address to third parties. These hackers are sometimes automatic "bots". I also had a guy that I used to keep in touch with through email, he would always send those chain letters or group messages and he would have all his recipients' addresses visible.

    But I don't think it has to do with you linking your email on your blog. I got hacked years before I even had a blog and sometimes websites that you sign up for (forums, coupon sites, etc) they pass your email to other sites so that they can send you annoying ads! haha. But I'm glad that you got the problem fixed! I waited 3 months so I was too late ;) That's why I wanted to tell you right away. Crazy hackers lol

    Hope you have a great Sunday, buddy and I'm praying that there wasn't any damage done to your personal emails, etc.

  2. So glad that is taken care of! We knew that it wasn't you that was sending those emails because it opened with the statement "Dear friend" and it seemed like a bot. Getting your credit card used without your acknowledgment is even scarier! Thank goodness we have the opportunity to pay with gift cards and paypal. But I think you need a bank account for paypal, I'm not sure but I know its' for people who don't want to give out their bank info. Who can blame them?

    Yes, let's pray that our accounts are as safe as possible! Some people have to ruin things! I'm so thankful that you were able to fix it with no problems!