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Amy Grant "Rock of Ages: Hymns & Faith"

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Three years after releasing Legacy: Hymns &Faith , Amy releases another collection of hymns entitled Rock of Ages: Hymns & Faith.  This album has a more "rootsy country feel" to it.  She picks some really good hymns on here; there are some hymns that I didn't even know existed!  The faith songs are good, but not as good as the ones she came up with for "Legacy".  Despite all that, it is still an album worth picking up!  And it is still puts me in a worshipful mood!

So here are some highlights from the cd:

1. Anywhere With Jesus -I had never heard of this hymn before buying this cd!  But it is one of my favorite hymns Amy performs!  My favorite lines of the hymn are: "
Anywhere with Jesus, I am not alone/Other friends may fail me, He is still my own/Tho' His hand may lead me over dearest ways/Anywhere with Jesus is a house of praise" (Maxi Lyrics).
2. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus - I love the message of this hymn! "Turn your eyes upon Jesus/
Look full in his wonderful face/And the things of the earth will grow strangely dim/In the light of his glory and grace/O soul are you weary and troubled?/No light in the darkness you see?/There's a light for a look at the Savior/And life more abundant and free" (Maxi Lyrics).

3. I Surrender All - This is my 2nd favorite hymn of the album!  This is so much fun to sing along to!  I normally wouldn't post the whole lyric, but I can't pick just one verse to be my favorite!  Enjoy! :
I Surrender All
All to Jesus I surrender
All to Him I freely give
I will ever love and trust him
In his presence daily live

I surrender all, I surrender all
All to Thee my blessed Savior
I surrender all

All to Jesus I surrender
At thy feet I humble bow
Worldly pleasures all forsaken
Take me, Jesus, Take me now

Repeat chorus

All to Jesus I surrender
Lord, I give myself to thee
Fill me with thy love and power
Let thy blessing fall on me

Repeat chorus

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