Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fly To You

Here is another poem from my forthcoming book: Popcorn: Poems You Can Munch On.  Enjoy and be blessed!!!!!  Jerry

Fly To You
written by: Jerry S.
(c)2012 Jerry S.

This road is long and hard
How I worry and how I fret
The labor doesn’t seem to end
My body is covered in sweat

How I long for the day
When I can finish this race
But until that day comes
I’ll just depend on Your grace

So I’ll dig deeper in Your word
And by faith believe what it says to be true
I know when I take my final breath
I’m gonna fly to You

Each day brings another chance
For me to display Your glory
Each day brings another way
To get rid of all shame and all worry

I will trust in You
To bring me through all this pain
One day all my loss
Will be turned to gain

There will come a day
When you will break open the sky blue
And in that moment
I know I will fly to You


  1. You always write poems that I can relate to! :) haha. Did you write this when you were going through a difficult time? Or some kind of trial? I hear that during times like those, people are able to write poems or songs with most ease. I think I'll add this one to my journal too :)

  2. Thank you for the compliment on my poem. You actually inspired me to write more, so I have to thank you for that too! This poem you have written is perfect for everyone. Everyone is going through their own personal struggle and it is important not to lose faith and to trust God to pull you through! Great job! I love it!

    - Zach