Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wanna Earn Money---Become An Affliliate

Hey guys!

So far 2 copies of my book Pieces Of Heaven...Pieces Of Earth has sold! Many thanks to the 2 people who have bought my book!

Thank you Zach for placing an advertisement for my book on your blog!!! It means a lot!

Speaking of which, are any of you interested in making extra money by marketing my book? IF so, you should consider becoming an affiliate of Smashwords. One of the advantages of signing up is you make a commission of 11 percent on all purchases. Below is information pasted from the following website: Smashwords Affiliate Signup.  Keep in mind, you must have a free Smashwords account to sign up.  Plus you don't have to publish any books to have an account!!!  Thank you all for your support!---Jerry

Smashwords Affiliate Marketing Program Signup

Earn Commissions Simply By Linking Book Buyers to Smashwords eBooks

Advantages of the Smashwords Affiliate Marketing Program
  • Generous commissions of 11% or more of the net sales price
  • Easy to participate
  • You receive commissions on all purchases within a 48 hour period
  • Your customers have over 4,000 ebooks to choose from

Who's Eligible to Enroll?
Anyone over age 18 is eligible. The program is ideal for:
  • bloggers
  • authors
  • publishers
  • website operators
  • online communities
  • book enthusiasts
  • online specialty bookstores
  • professional affiliate marketers

      How to Enroll
      Enrollment is easy as 1-2-3
      1. Review the important Smashwords Affiliate Marketing Program Terms of Service.
      2. Confirm your agreement to the terms below.
      3. Click "I agree" below and you're in!

        Affiliate Agreement
        By clicking "I agree" below:
        1. You represent you have read and agreed to the Smashwords Affiliate Marketing Program Terms of Service.
        2. You agree to conduct your marketing with the highest degree of ethics and professionalism, per the Terms of Service.
        3. You agree violations of the TOS may result in forfeiture of all accrued commissions.
        4. You warrant you are at least 18 years of age.
        5. You warrant you are authorized to enter into this affiliate marketing agreement with Smashwords on behalf of the Internet properties through which you will promote Smashwords ebooks.

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