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Coming Up For Air/Air Book and CD Review

Coming Up for Air: Simple Acts to Redefine Your Life
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 In 1995, Margaret Becker decided to disconnect from life in the form of a retreat at a Florida beach.  Her only promise that she made was to see the sun come up and go down.  During this process, with crayons, she made life plans on what she planned on doing in 1 year, 10 years, 20 years and 30 years time.  She learned some important life lessons during this retreat.  She learned to only embrace the truly important things in life and to cut out the things that were not truly important.  This was an enjoyable book to read and a must-read for those who feel like they are getting lost in the busy-ness of life and have forgotten who they are. has the book for just 1 cent used plus shipping

Courtesy: Amazon

 Margaret Becker also released a cd called Air which are songs that reflect the ideas that she wrote in her book Coming Up For Air.  I really love this cd!  It is full of great songs full of great lyrics!  There's not a bad song on the cd! My favorite songs are:

All I Need Is Love: We as people, including me, tend to over-complicate what being a Christian is all about.  It is so easy to get caught up in the rituals and rules of it all.  The truth of the matter is being a Christian isn't about following a set of rules or following a set of rituals.  It's about having a relationship with God through Jesus.  It's all about LOVE.  Loving God and Loving people.

Fly:  It's about letting go and trusting God.  Finding out when we do, we fly.

Just Isaac: Inspired by the story of Sarah and Abraham trying to rush the child of promise Isaac by having Abraham sleep with Hagar.  The song is saying we should desire "Just Isaac"---the promise of God and His faithful provision of that promise.  We shoudl wait on God's perfect timing of His promise instead of forcing the promise to come to pass.

Surrender: This ties with "All I Need Is Love" as being my all-time favorite song on the album.  It talks about how we like to fight the battle ourselves, and how we should try something "old and new" like surrender---surrender everything to God no matter where things may fall.

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