Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sold Out For Christ

I got this from another blog: Our Walk With Jesus .

What would it take for you to completely sell out for God? Him proving that He loves you beyond measure? Him giving His One and Only Son Jesus Christ to die in our place and save us from an eternity in Hell?

We get so wrapped up in this world and all the distractions it has to offer that we often times forget why we were created and why God has chosen to leave us here.

While our jobs provide us with food and shelter, they should never be or become our God! Our toys, while they provide us with some measure of relaxation and enjoyment, should never be where all of our time is spent! And Our money, while everyone would love to have a little more than what they got, should never be what our goals are set towards or the race that we are running.

You see, God in fact paid much to high of a price for us not to give Him what He paid for, US! In fact, He has shown us His unfailing love, in the form of His One and Only Son Jesus Christ dying on the cross and taking our place, just so we would not have to spend an eternity in Hell, full of pain and punishment.

Let me give you an example. You would not buy the hottest, most expensive car in the world and leave it on the lot, would you? Well, God doesn’t want too either! He wants to get in and drive! He wants to take you on a ride of a lifetime. Still not convinced? How about this one… Suppose a person who loves to restore old cars, goes out and buys the oldest and most beat up car he can find. I mean this thing is a hunk of junk!! Everyone who sees it asks him, why in the world did you by this hunk of junk? He just nods and smiles and goes about his business. A while down the road, these same people are in complete awww. I mean this car is a priceless creation. It has been completely stripped down and completely redone and is absolutely amazing. You see, the restorer didn’t see the hunk of junk… He saw what God sees in us… a PRICELESS CREATION!

Many of us are just afraid! I get it, I really do!!! We think for some reason that God wants us to be perfect or that we have to have it all together to serve Him or to even come to Him. That is not true at all!!! God, just like the restorer, wants you, for you! That is it, nothing more! And just like the restorer, He wants to make you into that priceless creation He has created you to be. I mean, when is the last time you saw a car restore itself and fix it’s own problems? We are just like the car, we can’t do it either!

So I ask you again, what will it take for you to sell out for God? He has paid the ultimate price and He has promised to do all the work. He has even told you what to do, come just as we are and leave the changing and restoring up to Him. My friends, if He can change my heart and restore me… He can do it for anyone! Come to Him today. Let’s all sell out for God and see how this world changes!

In Him,

Jerry S
.Restored Priceless Creation

Challenge: I challenge all of you who read this, to repost this and sell out for God. Simply sign your name (in the place of mine) as a commitment, between you and God and repost on your wall, blog or any other forum to show the world by word you are selling out for God. Then commit to Him in prayer and offer yourself to Him completely. Revival starts one person at a time, one heart at a time… will you be next?


  1. I've signed up for God a long time ago...actually, He signed up for me before I was born, lolol. Found a letter from Church group of women who told my mother they were praying for me on my upcoming birth. Well, anyway, Thanks so much for your kind comments about my blog/sonnet on Galileo. Tweeted this to my followers.
    Carole Di Tosti

  2. Great entry! I am guilty of worrying too much and putting "earthly things" first at times. I'm not saying that I'm materialistic, I mean that I always worry about money and being able to pay everything. But "one who is not rich in heart, is not rich at all" is a true statement. But I'm finally ready to sell out for God. He has blessed me in all areas of my life and has never given up on me :)

  3. I agree, great entry! God is waiting for us to regenerate! It is very easy to get distracted with everything in this world, especially when we hit hard times and people try to put us down, but we have to remember what is a life for God! It's like the rhyme "All of the king's horses, and all of the king's men, couldn't put Humpty together again." The problem is not that Humpty Dumpty was damaged beyond repair, he just went to the wrong king ;) God can fix anything!

    - Zach