Sunday, June 10, 2012

Poetry Book Update

Hello Poetry Peeps!

I hope y'all are having a good Sunday! As you all know, I have plans to publish a book of poetry called Popcorn: Poems You Can Munch On through Publish America. When I originally looked at their site, they seemed to be a wholesome company.  However, after I signed with them, my wife told me that my father-in-law had e-mailed me some information on their bad business practices that I didn't know about.  For example,  Publish America will ask for an address list of your family members o they can aggressively market your book to them.  They also aggressively send mail outs to the author to pressure him or her to buy his own book to sell himself.  I have also found out thru websites that they don't do anything to get your book into stores to sell. I knew from the contract that I would have the option to buy my book at a discount but I did not know that  they would pressure me to buy my own book.  I also didn't know they would want the address of my family members.  Even though I knew that I would have to do my own marketing LOCALLY, I didn't know t hat they wouldn't do much to market my book period.  I also found thru these websites that Barnes and Noble refuses to carry books from Publish America. I also found out that they don't do much editing of the book.

  I really want my book to get into as many people's hands as possible for ministry purposes. I have e-mailed Publish America that I want my contract voided because of this.  I even included the information and the links to the information I found.   I have also asked for advice about this with my pastors. So please keep me in prayer, because I would like to get out of t his contract and pursue another avenue to get this book publish.  I don't want to publish a book and no one is able to get it.   So please pray that God will allow me to get out of this contract.  If not, please pray that God will allow me to do the honorable thinga nd get it published thru them.  Despite having to get this published thru them, that God will still open doors for people to get this book.

Thank you for your prayers!

In Christ,



  1. Good thing you contacted them and provided them with links about their fishiness. I, too, have been almost scammed in the past and usually they don't give you a difficult time because they don't want to cause any problems for their company. But now these days you have to be careful for anything since "times are hard" and people are trying to make it different ways. I'll be praying that it works out either way!

  2. Is it possible to get out if you already signed the contract? Like my dad mentioned, he almost got scammed but he didn't exactly sign anything yet. The guy on the phone got mad and said "you can't back down! you already made an agreement!" but he didn't actually sign anything yet, he just made a phone agreement, so it was not like it was on paper or anything. I don't understand how a publishing company wouldn't want to help you sell your book since they will be getting a piece of your profit as well? I hope you can get out of the contract somehow. I'll be praying! Keep us posted. Also, I'm probably going to delete my blog D: no one really reads it anymore, they told me that they don't, I'm not offended or anything, I just don't think I should keep doing it if no one cares lol But you should keep doing what you're doing because you're great at it! I liked your blog the moment my dad showed it to me :)