Friday, June 1, 2012


Hey!  Wass up?!?!  I want to share with you a story from when I first moved to Minnesota....

On Sept 5, 2002, I moved to Minnesota to start a relationship with my then-girlfriend now-wife. When I moved up there, I started going to her church; which was an evangelical-free church.  The church was a medium-sized church.  But compared to the small church I came from, it was big!

I really enjoyed the preaching at this church!  However, the hardest thing I had to adjust to at this church is the way they worshipped!  First, they didn't have a choir like my old church had.  I thought that was quite unusual! Second, they didn't use hymns as a form of worship.  They used modern praise and worship!  That really threw me for a loop!  For the longest time, I could not "get into" the worship there.  I didn't really care for the modern praise and worship music they had there.  Now, about 10 years later, I now enjoy modern praise and worship music and now am used to it!  I can even worship to it now! 

However, modern praise and worship music will never hold a candle (in my opinion) to hymns!  There is nothing like hymns that can get me into a worshipful mood!  They are the "meat and potatoes" of Christian music! They are the roots of modern praise and worship music.  Without hymns, there would not be any modern praise and worship music! 

So with God's help, I am starting a series of cd reviews concentrating on Hymns.  If you have never been exposed to hymns, it might be worth your while to check out the cds I recommend! 

God bless you!



  1. I love hymns! We don't sing any at our church but we did back at my old church (the one that my best friend goes to). Our worship is also modern and mainly acoustic with the exception to drums sometimes. But I agree with you, nothing compares to the timeless hymns!


  2. When I first started going to church in NorCal, the church was kind of small but had a HUGE choir! haha. it was like the typical church you see on tv. Then when we came here, and we went to the "mega church" we had modern worship as well as hymns since the Pastor grew up on that. Our church now is medium-sized and more on the mellow side. We don't have a choir either but we have maybe a few people up there to worship. I do miss the hymns but at least we can always buy music so that we can listen to it any time!